Top 25 Most Interesting Fitness Bloggers In 2016

With so much emphasis on eating right and staying healthy these days, the demand for insightful and informative blogs continues to grow.

From the best physical fitness regimens to nutritional guidance, there are countless blogs available online.

With this in mind, how can you find the best bloggers to achieve their desired results? The answer to this is very simple — as I have listed the top 25 most interesting fitness bloggers in 2016 for your convenience.

Lori and Michel at Purely Twins

purely twins

Twin powers activate!

Michelle and Lori are lovely twins that have a passion for fitness and wellness.

As certified coaches, they share a wealth of knowledge with all readers and have truly inspired so many to lose weight and get back into shape!

Great read: 16-minutes bodyweight interval workout for busy women

Faya Nilsson at Fitness on Toast

fitness on toast

Eat Right. Exercise. Results!

Faya Nilsson is a popular Swedish personal trainer with years of extensive industry experience. She has gained a wealth of knowledge over the years –and shares her insight with all new and existing readers of her blog. If looking to lose weight, build muscle, or simply eat right — Faya can make it happen!

Great read: Seriously Hard Core!

Suzanne Digre at Workout Nirvana

workout nirvana

Helping you make the right lifestyle changes!

As a true mentor and guide for women lifters, Suzanne can easily teach you how to drop pounds by changing your eating habits.

Her blog is full of informative articles and posts on the top workout regimens and techniques for one and all.

If you are ready to make the right lifestyle change, let Suzanne show you how it’s done!

Great read: How To Tell If You’re Losing Fat Or Muscle

Kasey at Power Cakes


Be true to yourself!

Kasey is a beacon of excellence in this fast-paced and challenging environment.

She not only motivates and uplifts readers of her blog — she is truly committed to helping you begin a fitness journey that will deliver timely and exceptional results.

From working out and eating right to getting sufficient rest, she has mapped out a comprehensive and cohesive training program that will meet all your needs within time and budget.

Great read: Tabata Training Tips And Workout

Laura at Fit Mama Love

fit mama love

Stay healthy and make the most out of life!

Laura shows you how to stay energized, mobile, and truly enjoy everything life has to offer.

From outdoor camping reviews to fitness regimens and diets, her blog is enjoyed by countless health gurus and novices alike.

Great read: Let’s Talk About Planks

Dai Manuel at

dai manuel

Your Ultimate Lifestyle Mentor!

Dai Manuel can truly show you how to get back into shape in just 30 minutes per day.

His informative blog is heralded for empowering one and all with education, encouragement, and community resources for a fully fit and functional lifestyle!

Great Read: The State Of Fitness Trackers On The Market Today

Neghar Fonooni at

neghar fonooni

Your life is an extraordinary adventure!

Neghar specializes in daily blog posts that help women develop stronger mindsets, while elevating their fitness levels and empowering extraordinary lives!​

Great Read: The Ego Is Not In Charge (A Fitness Philosophy)

Sam Yang at All out Effort

sam yang

Out with the old and in with the new!

Sam is a true fitness visionary with captivating and compelling blog posts.

He not only educates readers about the benefits of weight loss and exercise –he incorporates unique and fresh angles that illuminates the mind and gets your body ready to take on new challenges each and every day!

Great Read: The Barrier To Motivation

Rusty Moore at Visual Impact Fitness

visual impact fitness

Converting fat into lean, healthy and attractive muscle!

Rusty is a true industry leader in health and fitness. With years of extensive experience, he has helped countless individuals effectively shed those unwanted pounds.

His amazing muscle building programs truly help convert fat into lean muscle — without excess size and bulk.

Great Read: Raise Your VO2 Max To Accelerate Fat Loss

Shannon at Bad Ass Fitness

badass fitness

A stronger and healthier you!

Shannon is committed to helping you lead a healthier lifestyle.

As a “drill sergeant and fitness mama”, she has helped so many individuals gain strength, endurance, speed and agility.

Her blog is perfect for those that want to become both internally and externally stronger!

Great read: Travel Survival: Snacks, workouts and accountability

Lisa Eirene at

lisa eirene

110 pounds and still counting!

Lisa Eirene lost 110 pounds and still counting..WOW! She can show you how to lose weight in a safe, healthy and timely manner.​

Great read: How I Lost 110 Pounds

Tamara Grand at Fit Knit Chick

tamara grand

Training women for the sport of life!

Tamara inspires, educates, and empowers women to train for the sport of life.

Her blog is truly motivational and enjoyed by many.

Great read: Create A Flexible Fitness Plan

Jennipher and Erin at Fit Bottomed Girls

fit bottomed girls

Keeping a lid on the junk in the trunk!

Jennipher and Erin have and continue to help countless women and men improve their eating habits.

From sensible nutrition to daily physical activities — their blogs are thoughtful, insightful, and designed to help everyone lose weight and feel great!

Great read: Joining A Gym? How To Find The Right One For You

Amanda Brooks at Run to the Finish

amanda brooks

Run for life and health!

Amanda Brooks is a running enthusiast and aficionado that offer timely tips and suggestions for novices and beginners.

From jogging and speed-walking to running, she showcases the best techniques, gear and accessories to get you started today!

Great read: Triple Your Energy, Lose Weight And Clean Up Your Skin: Improving Digestive Health

Elle at Keep it Simpelle


Live life to its fullest!

Elle believes in living life to its fullest capacities!

With timely information on food, health, and the right dieting tips — you will truly be inspired to lead a more energetic and vibrant lifestyle. She also recently started a new website that is a cool place to follow if you live in London and are interested in healthy&tasty recipes.​

Great read: Lean In 15: 15 minute meals and workouts 

Jen at

jen sinkler

Live the fit life!

Jen is an accomplished writer and editor who specializes in living the fit life.

She offers timely suggestions, tips, and proven techniques on how to eat right, exercise, and avoid medical problems and issues.

Great read: Curing a Case Of The Workout Peels

Amy at Living Life Truth

Live to the fullest!

Amy will show you how to enjoy life with the best health, eating, and exercise tips.

Great read: Training Week 1: Six Reasons To Train Through The Winter

Jessica at Hello to Fit

jessica hellotofit

Welcome to a fit and healthy life!

Jessica features informative blog posts on the best fitness and health tips for you and your loved ones!

Great read: Want To Run Better? Start Planking (Part One)

Jessica at the Fit Switch

Make the right switch today!

Switching to a healthier diet can truly secure longevity.

Jessica shows you how to eat right and get back into shape with a few simple lifestyle changes.

Great read: How To Stay Healthy On Vacation. Workout Video, Eating Tips And Tricks

Jill at

jill conyers

Life is worth living!

Jill features great information on the latest fitness and exercise programs.

If looking for the right inspiration for happiness and health — this blog is it.

Great read: Beginner’s No-Equipment-Needed Workout For Women

Katie at Katie’s Fit Script

katie fit script

The fitness prescription for mind, body, and spirit.

Katie has the perfect script to get your life back.

From nutrition to running and healthy lifestyle, she can truly show you how life is supposed to be lived!​

Great read: How To Create Your Running Program

Kerri at Fit Views

fit views

Help and hope is a mouse click away!

From health product reviews to the latest in fitness techniques, Kerri’s blog is enjoyed the world over.

She can show you the right way to get back on the path to healthy living and success!

Great read: Succeeding With Paleo: Weekly Food Prep

Melissa at Fitness NYC

melissa at fitnessnycblog

Stay fit, healthy and have fun too!

Melissa is a lively and vibrant New York City girl that loves fitness, health and exercise.

Her blog is perfect for those that want to lose weight, feel great, and meet other fitness enthusiasts and clubs in the Big Apple.

Great read: Ditching Diet Coke

Morgan at Wildly Fit


Fitness. Mindfulness. Nutrition.

Morgan features the best tips on workouts, fitness instruction, recipes and so much more.

Her blog also highlights a number of fitness clubs, social networks, and meeting places for all those interested in health and exercise.

Great read: Bridal Bootcamp: Why Sweating For The Dress Is A Good Idea

Paige at Your Trainer Paige

paige kumpf

Turn a new Paige in your life today!

Paige loves to help people fulfill their health and fitness goals.

Her blog is loved by many — and the inspiration for countless individuals and families looking to lead better lives!

Great read: Lean Body Lifting: Build Muscle, Burn Body Fat

So Which of These Top 25 Most Interesting Fitness Bloggers In 2016 is The Best Fit for You?

Like anything in life — fitness is what you make of it. Whether you loved one, two, or all the 25 blogs featured on this list — there is a wealth of information and knowledge at your fingertips.

Whether looking to get back into shape or enhance your existing diet and fitness regimens, these blogs truly offer the right inspiration and valuable suggestions to get you on the right track to results and success!

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