The Role Of Testosterone Cypionate For Boosting Athletic Performance

There are thousands of different hormones in the man’s body, but one of the most important ones is testosterone. 

Why Testosterone Matters

low testosterone symptoms

Testosterone is an androgen steroid hormone which basically makes you a true male. It directly affects how your male body develops. Specifically, testosterone helps you build: 

  • muscle mass and strength
  • increased bone density and growth
  • sex drive (libido)
  • higher concentration and mental clarity

So, if you have low testosterone levels, you may find it really hard to build muscles even if you workout properly and consume all the necessary nutrients. 

The Issues You Face With Low Testosterone When Building Muscles

muscle growth on low testosterone

Well, the main issue you may face if you have low testosterone is no progress whatsoever.

The muscle tissues have androgen receptors that react to testosterone and maintain the lean muscle mass, or promote the growth if you’re working them out. 

With low test, your muscle fibers starts to degrade, so you lose muscles. What’s even worse, when testosterone is low, estrogen starts to increase, which leads to accumulation of fat, especially in the belly area. 

You also tend to feel exhausted after the training, and your overall energy levels are low. Emotionally you can feel depression, mental “fog” instead of concentration. 

How Exogenous Testosterone Can Help? 

Sometimes it’s really hard to naturally increase testosterone production, since it requires to significantly change your diet, add weight training to your routines, change some bad habits and learn to maintain them as well. 

Some of the most effective ways to increase testosterone naturally include:

  • adding more animal fat to your diet
  • add cruciferous vegetables
  • make sure you get enough zinc, D3 and other microelements
  • perform heavy-weight training or practice HIIT
  • get adequate sleep (this is very important!)
  • stop drinking alcohol
  • reduce stress significantly
  • avoid consuming foods and drinks from plastic containers

But what if you don’t have ability to maintain such a lifestyle, or your health is not so good for heavyweight training? Or you just live in a terrible environment with a massive lack of vitamin D3 and other necessary nutrients? 

In this case, you may find exogenous bioidentical testosterone really helpful. 

Testosterone cypionate is one of the synthetic androgens that mimic the structure of your body’s natural testosterone. It gives you the same effects as if your own testosterone is increased significantly.

Exogenous testosterone usually comes in injectable forms, pills, topical creams or even skin patches. 

All you need to do is to get a valid medical prescription, buy testosterone cypionate online, and inject the correct dosage parenterally according to the cycle plan.

Testosterone Cypionate VS Other Injectable Forms

The most effective ways to boost testosterone is to use injectable steroids. They are commonly used by medics as a way of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), as well as men looking to increase their physical performance and muscular looks.

Injectable T usually comes as “esters” – the chemical compounds that make testosterone soluble in various oils. This process helps testosterone to get slowly released from a place where it enters your body.

There are 4 major esters available: 

  1. enanthate
  2. cypionate
  3. propionate
  4. undecanoate

The most common testosterone injections are propionate and cypionate.

Why I Believe Testosterone Cypionate Is The Best One To Use?

As I said earlier, the main difference between these types of testosterone esters is how long does it take to get released and metabolized by your body.

For example, enanthate injection should be administered once in 5-7 days by a dosage of 100 mg to 200 mg.

Propionate is an anabolic steroid that has a shorter half-life period in your body, so it should be administered every 2 to 3 days, which is quite often.

It can quickly stabilize testosterone levels, however it also poses a risk of transforming T to estrogen.

Another negative of propionate is a lot more painful injection than cypionate. The site of injection may also get swollen after you’ve administered propionate ester.

Cypionate is the best to inject testosterone due to these factors: 

  • it’s a long-lasting testosterone that’s released and metabolized in 7-10 days. 
  • you need an injection once per week
  • the common dosage is between 100-250 mg
  • testosterone cypionate is less painful and easier to tolerate

What Are The Benefits You May Expect With Testosterone Cypionate?

Cypionate is especially beneficial if you’re an aging man, non-competing bodybuilder, amateur athlete or you just want to look and feel like a strong man.

The benefits include: 

  • increase in lean muscle mass
  • reduce of body fat percentage (so you look ripped)
  • enhanced physical performance and endurance
  • significant increase in libido and sexual drive
  • improved mental clarity and concentration
  • overall better energy levels

What’s even better – once you start your cycle, you may feel these benefits within the 1st week already.

A Word Of Caution

androgen injection risks

If you’re considering the anabolic steroids, you should be aware of the potential risks and side effects.

The most common risks of using testosterone injections are: 

  • buying from questionable online stores
  • unsafe administration of injections (re-using needles, not sterilizing the injection site)
  • not following the correct cycle and dosages

It’s much better to under-dose than to overdose. Testosterone is a very serious hormone and it’s usually prescribed medically.

You should let your doctor know about taking steroids, and keep the following side effects in mind if you fail to pick a correct dosage: 

  • severe acne
  • hair loss and scalp baldness
  • spontaneous erections or priapism
  • mood swings or aggressive behavior
  • thrombosis, heart failure or sudden death
  • hepatotoxicity or liver failure
  • increased cancer risk

just to name a few…

Usually one shot of testosterone cypionate is enough to see how you react to the injection. In case you notice something wrong, immediately stop using it and consult your physician.

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