Proactol XS Fat Binder Review

proactol xs supplement

Proactol XS is a natural, non-animal derived fat-binder. It’s a medical device designed to attach itself to dietary fat and prevent its digestion and absorption.

As a result, a large percentage of dietary fat you consume is naturally passed from your body and you spare yourself hundreds of calories and excess body fat.

Proactol XS at a glance

Here are the following claims made by this product,

  • Reduce excess weight
  • Treat excess weight
  • Lower fat intake from food
  • Lower cholesterol intake from diet

What is more, Proactol boasts of several benefits over other fat-binders,

  • Clinically proven efficiency
  • Non-allergenic, plant-derived Chitosan fibre
  • Non-animal Chitosan has unbeatable efficiency and unique structure in comparison to shrimp-derived Chitosan
  • 33% more effective than other fat-binders
  • Faster dissolution and action — 10 mins. Shrimp chitosan takes up to 30 mins to start binding to fat
  • Kosher and Halal certified
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • More than 40 clinical studies and experiments prove its efficiency

Proactol XS doesn’t bind to sugars or carbohydrates, so if you follow a carb-rich diet, it won’t do much of a difference in your weight loss efforts.

This fat binder is especially suited for people following fat-rich diets or people who cannot cut down on fatty foods while dieting.

In any case, the pill is not a quick fix and for better results it should be accompanied by sensible eating and regular exercising.

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How does Proactol XS work?

Using non-animal derived chitosan, Proactol is a high-purity fat-binder with an impressive fat-binding capacity; it can absorb 800 times its weight in fat, essentially making it 33% more effective than any other fat-binding supplement in the market.


By taking this supplement, the natural fiber, Chitosan clings to dietary fat and doesn’t allow its digestion, ultimately, preventing fat’s entrance into your bloodstream.

When Proactol XS binds onto fat, it doesn’t let you stock up on excess fat and gain weight. It ensures thus that your calorie intake is reduced and you can not only maintain your weight, but also lose weight.

But what is a medical device?

Proactol XS is a Class IIA certified medical device. Medical devices are not supplements per se since. Their function can be either mechanical or physical.

In the case of ProactolXS, it is a mechanical barrier medical device; it prevents dietary fat absorption and storing in the body.

This fat blocker is a medical device that’s fully certified. It makes authorized and proven claims on weight loss, through the regulations 93/42 EC and 2004/47/EC. It also bears the quality standard ISO13485.

Side Effects

mischa barton celeb
UK celebrity Mischa Barton claims to have used Proactol XS to lose 12 lbs in 4 weeks. Source:

The diet pill uses naturally sourced, non-animal Chitosan. This ensures that it’s a non-allergenic, plant-derived fat binder that can be used safely by people allergic to fish and meat derived byproducts.

Its weight loss claims are authorized and Proactol is in fact one of a handful of certified medical devices.

This cannot but confirm its safety of use and efficacy for weight loss and weight management.

As a Class IIA medical device, Proactol XS doesn’t interfere with metabolic, immunological, and pharmacological processes to help you lose weight — as it happens with the majority of dietary pills.

Instead, it’s a mechanical barrier supplement; it doesn’t change how your body responds to food, but it directly affects food processing, by preventing fat digestion.

Thus, by altering how consumed food is processed in your body, this supplement has minimum impact on your health; it helps you lose weight safely and side-effects free.

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proactol xs customer reviews

Several happy dieters who used Proactol XS to lose weight, flaunt their slimmed-down bodies on the official product site.

For instance, a consumer named, Kari Robertson claims to have lost 53lbs by taking the Proactol Challenge.

Another client, named Helen Ballard, shows a slimmer body that’s an impressive 41lbs lighter.

For the full list of before and after testimonials, please go here.

Conclusion – ProactolXS is an effective, safe fat-binder

The dietary supplement market is heavily stigmatized with scam pills that not only don’t help people lose weight but also put their health at risk.

Proactol XS is an effective, high-quality fat-binder that can help you lose weight in the most natural and safe way possible.

If you feel this is what you need to lose weight, you can participate in the Proactol Challenge based on the amount of weight you want to lose.

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A dedicated medical team advices and supports dieters who choose the Challenge 3 and Challenge 4 packages. (1-to-1 Mentor service)

You can buy Proactol XS from the official website to ensure you get all extra services and resources with every order you place.

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