Legal Steroids — and Why You Should Consider Using them Versus Using Anabolic Steroids

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In this article we are going to be discussing legal steroids, you’ll get some rock-solid information about them, what they are, what kind of results to expect and if they have any side effects. 

So what the heck are legal steroids?

Legal steroids are safe alternatives that mimic the effects of anabolic steroids but without all the nasty side effects, they focus on using only natural ingredients that are safe for anyone to use so if you’re a fitness enthusiast or bodybuilder you can use them to take your training to another level.

No one can question or deny that anabolic steroids (testosterone cypionate, propionate, sustanon etc.) have the ability to pack on lean muscle mass in a very short period of time, however no one can question or deny the fact that steroids can do some serious bodily harm because the fact is that they do! 

In the United States (and most parts of the world) the use and/or possession of anabolic steroids is illegal without a doctor’s prescription so you run in the risk of breaking the law and being prosecuted.

Here’s some good news though…you can safely obtain legal steroids without any risk of breaking the law or having any side effects from them.

Legal steroids are all-natural, safe alternatives to anabolic steroids that are not harmful to your body and can be purchased legally without a prescription. 

What are some of the most powerful  legal steroids?

Here’s a list of the 9 best legal steroids on the market today as published on the Legal Steroid Guide.

  • WINSOL (Winstrol Alternative)
  • ANVAROL (Anavar Alternative)
  • CLENBUTROL (Clenbuterol Alternative)
  • TESTO-MAX (Testosterone Alternative)
  • D-BAL (Dianabol Alternative)
  • TRENOROL (Trenbolone Alternative)
  • DECADURO (Deca Durabolin Alternative)
  • HGH-X2 (Somatropin HGH Alternative)
  • ANADROL (Anadrol Alternative)

You’ll notice that the names of these products closely mimic the names of their illegal anabolic counterparts, but you can rest assured knowing that they are NOT illegal or anabolic, however the results achieved are remarkably similar to that of the  real thing but without the side effects.

What kind of results can you expect?

When stacked together or when taken alone, each of the above mentioned legal steroids will prove to be a huge asset to your bodybuilding/fitness goals weather you are bulking, cutting or strengthening legal steroids are an effective alternative due to their anabolic-like properties.

The first thing to do before using any sort of performance enhancers is to access and recognize your personal goals, then closely follow the recommended dosage of the particular steroid or stack that best suits your goals and in less than 8 weeks you can easily see gains of 20-25lbs of lean muscle mass along with improved stamina and performance!

What is the way to stack legal steroids?

The ultimate legal steroid stack for building muscle mass, increasing strength and shedding fat in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of effort should consist of the following 6 individual products

  3. D-BAL

This particular stack has been designed by hard-core bodybuilders, and when used in conjunction with proper nutrition and a regular training schedule yields results far superior than any other stacking combination we know of. 

We realise that everybody’s goals are different and not everyone is looking to achieve an Arnold–like physic, some of you may simply be trying to increase your strength without actually bulking up, so for that we recommend the following stack:

  1. D-BAL

No matter what type of fitness you are into this stack will dramatically increase your strength and boost your energy enabling you to take your training sessions to a whole new level, this stack is suitable for seasoned athletes as well as for beginners and was designed to be used by anyone regardless of the sport they are into.

The following stack has been scientifically engineered strictly for bodybuilders wanting to add huge amounts of mass to their physic, thus the reason it is referred to as a bulking stack:

  1. D-BAL

If bulking is your main objective and mass is more important than leaning out then this stack will work wonders for you as it piles on huge amounts of raw muscle mass while speeding up recovery so you can push your body to new limits.

Once again we recognise that everybody has different needs, so perhaps you simply need to trim down but want to so in the quickest way possible, for that we recommend a cutting stack utilizing the following 4 products:


With this stack you will shed fat in record time while retaining your muscle giving you that ripped, cut appearance that you so often see amongst high performance athletes and competitive bodybuilders.


It goes without saying that anabolic steroids (the illegal stuff) works very quickly and yields unprecedented results that are superior to the results achieved with legal steroid supplements, however they also come with huge risks and in our opinion should never be used by anyone. 

Luckily, for those of you that want something that can help you out with your bodybuilding efforts but you don’t want to put your health at risk there are very effective alternatives in the form of legal steroids.

If you’d like to gain lean muscle mass while improving strength and performance we suggest giving legal steroids a try.

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