Immune Defence Review

Nowadays, people are becoming more invested in being healthy and taking actions on how to improve their health conditions.  

A huge percentage of the earth’s population are quickly becoming unhealthy due to circumstances such as stress, lack of sleep, bad food that we intake and lack of nutrition. This is certainly not good for us. 

So what’s the answer for this alarming situation? Become healthy or healthier, maintain good health and prevent health declination.

One of the ways to improve health, if not the best, is to boost our immune system. How do we boost our immune system? 

The simplest and the most effective way is to take supplements that strengthen immune system. 

There are so many supplements in the market today, but one stood out the most called Immune Defence.

What is Immune Defence?

immune defence bottle

Immune Defence is a great immune system support and protection. Zinc Lozenges with Rosehip and Acerola. 

These excellent lozenges come in aniseed flavor. It dissolves on the tongue that hits the back of the throat in Zinc ions.  

There are so many proven facts (1) on how zinc lozenges helps lessen common virus infections.

One main thing is that zinc and the negatively charged carboxyl termini of the rhinovirus coat are combined to protect the cells from being invaded, which definitely stops the further reproduction of virus. 

Immune Defence is quickly becoming known worldwide because of its impressive results.

How can Immune Defence help our immune system?

  •  Proven by thorough medical studies (2), this product contains all natural ingredients that helps boost our immune system such as Vitamin A, C, E and Zinc.
  • It serves as a shield to protect our body, defending it from flu, colds, viruses and highly infectious diseases.
  • As per studies, zinc lozenges can also shorten down the duration of cold symptoms to 50%. It serves as a great healing component for those who are experiencing cold.
  • Helps improve collagen production, which is a very important factor for building cartilage and bones. This is very good for elders and to all active people such as athletes and workers. 
  • If taken within instructions, you’ll surely notice and feel the boost in your immunity within a couple of months.

Immune Defense Ingredients

 Rose Hip Powder, Zinc Gluconate, Acerola Powder, Bulking Agent: (Magnesium Stearate), Oil of Aniseed.

ingredients in the Immune Defence

Benefits of its ingredients

  • Rose hip powder – It is a plant extract containing vitamin C, A, and E, which is a very important factor in strengthening the immune system.
  • Zinc Gluconate – An important ingredient that helps reduce the duration of cold symptoms down to 50%.
  • Acerola Powder – Coming from the extract of a cherry like fruit called acerola. It is proven to be a natural source of vitamin C which is also great for your immune system. It also is a very good component that helps elevate white blood cell production.
  • Aniseed oil – Natural flavoring that provides soothing taste for the lozenge. It is so natural that it is safe to be taken by vegan.

Instructions on taking Immune Defense

  1. Suck one lozenge every 2 hours.
  2. Only take at a maximum of 4 times a day.
  3. Dissolve lozenge in your mouth,

It is suggested to be taken in a couple of months to notice great increase of immune system.

Side effects

*There are no known side effects. Just follow the instructions and do not exceed the suggested maximum intake.

On a side note, the supplement contains sugar. If you have diabetes, make sure to carefully watch the sugar levels, or don’t use this supplement.

Why is Immune Defence better than others?

a hand holding the immune boosting supplement bottle

Let’s just compare Immune Defence to its leading competitors such as UniVite ImmunoShield, Nurished Inner Defence Nutrients, Ellactiva Collagen & Immunity, BulkPowders Complete Multivitamin Complex, LifeBiotic Tonix-R and Lifebiotic Protectival.

How It Compares To Other Immune Boosters

  1. Immune Defence – £34.95 per 120 Lozenges, Ingredients are Vegan safe, Contains Zinc and Vitamin C. 
  2. UniVite ImmunoShield – £24.90 per 60 caplets, Vegan safe but does not contain Zinc and Vitamin C.
  3. Nurished Inner Defence Nutrients – £29.99 per 28 gummies, Vegan safe, contains Zinc and Vitamin C.
  4. Ellactiva Collagen & Immunity – £29.99 per 60 soft chews, not vegan, contains Zinc and Vitamin C.
  5. BulkPowders Complete Multivitamin Complex – £34.99 per 270 tablets, Vegetarian only, contains Zinc and Vitamin C.
  6. LifeBiotic Tonix-R – £69 per 100ml drops, unclear if it’s vegan safe or if it contains Zinc and Vitamin C.
  7. Lifebiotic Protectival – £99 per 90 tablets, unclear if it’s vegan safe or if it contains Zinc and Vitamin C.

As we can see, compared to these other products, Immune Defence is relatively cheap for what it offers. 

For only £34.95 per 120 Lozenges, you’ll get the benefits of Zinc and Vitamin C, plus its ingredients are safe for vegans. It is like getting more than what you’ve paid for.

Who should take Immune Defence?

Facing our current situation regarding COVID-19 and the scare it inflicts all the people on earth, especially on countries that are hugely affected by it must enhance their Immune system and take Immune Defence regularly.

  • Based on medical studies (3), huge percentage of COVID-19 victims is coming from elderly people. They are the ones that are prone to getting severe COVID-19 cases. This is why they are also the ones that should be of our focus on having this product, and have them take Immune Defence religiously. 
  • People that are experiencing Zinc deficiency should also take this. Usually these are the ones that are experiencing medical conditions. Immune Defence will serve as their additional protection. 

Where to buy Immune Defence?

The only legit source for buying Immune Defence is through its official website

They also offer a 100 day money back guarantee. So if you want to have that insurance and a peace of mind that you’re having the legit product. Just get it from the legit source.

Product Package deals

1 month supply – 

Price: $44.95 = $1.5 per day / total savings: $10.00

3 month supply (Family Pack) –

Price: $114.85 = $1.28 per day / total savings: $50.00

5 month supply (Family Pack Plus) – 

Price: $174.75 = $1.17 per day / total savings: $100.00

official website screenshot

If you’re trying to have the best package deal, you should get the 5 month supply Family Pack Plus in my opinion. It has the cheapest per day serving and would save you a whopping $100.00. 

At these times, we should take all the measures to ensure that our bodies are healthy and our immune systems are strong, and ready to fight any type of virus that threatens us.  

And as we face these situations, the best immune system booster that our bodies should be equipped with is Immune Defence.

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