How To Build Massive Chest Muscles

Whether you’re seriously into bodybuilding or just perform muscles training to get fit, chest muscles (a.k.a. pectorals)  are one of the biggest muscle groups to put special attention to. 

Even if you have great biceps, or a six-pack, these cannot often be visible under the clothes. But – bulky, protruding chest is an immediate signal of strength and dominance. It’s hard to argue when looking at this photo: 

arnold schwarzenegger massive chest

You may even know the joke that TV producer and actor Milton Berle told to Arnold – “Arnold Schwarzenegger has bigger boobs than his wife!

Before diving into the basics of building your chest mass, let’s take a quick look at the anatomy of pectoral muscles. 

Anatomy Of Chest Muscles

Anatomically, pecs consist of pectoralis major and pectoralis minor muscles. While pectoralis minor lay underneath the major, it’s the last one that creates the bulk of your chest area. 

pectoral muscle anatomy

There are several other synergist muscles located in the chest area, but we’re interested in chest mass so major and minor pecs are our #1 training target. 

The good news is – since pectorals are wide and plain muscles, they react well to muscle growth (hypertrophia) so it’s not so complicated to make these bulky. 

lower chest and upper chest

For the training purposes, our main attention goes to upper chest (clavicular head) and middle-lower chest (sternocostal head).

Our pec workouts should include exercises that develop both these areas, since in this case we can achieve the balance in how it aesthetically looks.

How To Build Chest Mass

  1. Utilize compound exercises with heavy weights (such as bench press) or perform multi-joint exercises with your own weight (push-ups, pull-ups).
  2. Try isometric movements to pre-fatigue your chest muscles and make them sustain a heavy weight training.
  3. Use drop-sets or giant sets to put your muscles beyond failure. This is the major way to push pectorals to growth. 
  4. Give yourself a solid rest to help your muscles to recover and grow. Don’t train your pecs for more than 2-3 times per week.
  5. To ensure muscle growth, try to consume up to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of your weight each day.

Best Exercises For Bulking Up Your Chest At The Gym

There’s nothing new to say here, as all the best gym training for pectorals consists of: 

  1. Barbell bench press (may be performed under different angles or flat) – top exercise allowing you to use heavy weights for maximum hypertrophy of chest area.
  2. Dumbbell press exercises (bench or inclined) – due to the longer range of movements than bench press, dumbbells allow you to still hold the heavy weights while working out your major pecs more thoroughly.
  3. Cable chest workout (crossovers, cable flyes) – perfect single-joint exercises for isolating your pectorals and giving them a great pump. 

Best Exercises For Building Chest Muscles At Home Or On The Street

If you don’t have access to the gym or it has no machines and barbells, you still can achieve impressive bulking results. Think of “workout monsters” who only use their own weight initially to perform crazy things on the street bars.

  1. Push-ups – a great starting point that allows you to train everywhere on the floor. To give more workload to chest, put your arms in a wide position. There are lots of push-up variations to complicate your chest training for more mass gains. 
  2. Dips for chest – awesome street workout for chest mass. Make sure to lean forward to put your feet behind while performing the dips. 
  3. Pull-ups on a horizontal bar. This is a compound exercise and your own weight will be enough to make your pectorals grow. The wider the grip, the better your chest will load up.

Here’s some great motivation for you, spot those awesome pectorals 😉

My Personal Beginner Chest Workout

I personally train 2-3 times a week on a street. All I do now is pull-ups (actually chin-ups since it’s more hard)  followed by dips. I do 5 drop-sets until my muscles go beyond failure. Then the same for dips. 

I’ve noticed the visible chest mass gains on the 2nd week of working out. If I weren’t too lazy to train at home, I’d definitely add push-ups as well. 

So as you see, there’s nothing complicated about growing your muscles, especially if you visit the gym and can ask any trainer for the advice or proper technique.

Final Words

To reiterate, make time for the workouts, pick any exercise protocol and test it, give your muscles a rest and fuel them with protein, and just be consistent until you reach your goals with bulking up your chest.

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