How Taking a Shower Before Bed Helps You Burn More Calories

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What weight loss habits do you follow? People who plan to lose weight faster than others make several lifestyle changes.

Taking a healthy breakfast every morning, cutting yogurt out of your diet, avoiding salt-rich foods and saying goodbye to energy bars are some of the good habits that you can follow to speed up the weight loss process.

While you are following other bigger pieces of advice from experts, these small changes can also make a big difference.

So, here’s one more small change – take a shower before bed.

Yes. Taking a shower before going to bed every night is a good way of burning more calories. Showering or bathing is one of those daily activities which relax your body.

In most cultures, taking a shower in the morning is a ritual. In many others, people take a shower before going to bed.

Taking a shower at night helps you sleep better, and getting a sound sleep is something that helps burn more calories.

Have you ever wondered why it’s hard to have a good sleep on a hotter night – during summers? You fall asleep when the body cools down.

So, when you take a nighttime shower, your body cools down faster and you improve your sleep as a result.

When your body is cooled down after a bath, it stimulates a type of fat (called brown fat) found at the back of your neck.

You’ll be surprised to know that following something as small a habit as taking a shower before bed can help you burn 275 calories in three hours flat!

This fat, in turn, helps you burn more calories. Ultimately, it aids your weight loss.

better sleep at night

Among other weight loss habits that you may be following already, include the habit of taking a shower before bed and see how faster you start to lose weight.

Which is more, combine a nighttime shower with a cup of green tea and you could burn calories even faster.

So, are you ready to burn more calories?

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Robert Barnes
Robert Barnes
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