How Much Belly Fat Do You Have?

belly fat

Why do most people try to get rid of belly fat as fast as possible? Belly fat, when it is too much, is harmful for your body.

While you may not be aware of it, belly fat leads to the secretion of excess hormones and chemicals in your body.

As a result, multiple organs of your body may get affected badly over the long term.

So, the extra belly fat has to go – at any cost.

But what is belly fat actually? There are three different types of fat that gets accumulated in your body – triglycerides, subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.

The first two types of fat don’t cause much harm, but the third one, i.e. visceral fat poses serious threats when it is present in excess.

There are many ways to burn belly fat before it’s really too late. Exercising regularly, following a healthy diet and getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night are effective means of cutting down on the extra belly fat.

Obese or overweight people all around the world are making the required changes in their day-to-day lifestyle to deal with this serious issue and lead a healthy, fitter life.

Before you start burning that extra belly fat, you need to find out how much belly fat is too much. Getting a CT scan or MRI done is the scientific way of finding out how much belly fat or visceral fat you have.

Wait, there’s an easier way as well.

Follow these simple steps –

  • Take a measuring tape
  • Stand erect
  • Wrap it around your stomach, just above the hip bone
  • Ensure the tape is not too tight
  • Ensure the tape is level
  • Take the measurement (in inches)

So, you have the measurement now with you, right? No, you don’t have to go anywhere or ask someone else.

If you are a woman, a measurement of 35 inches or more is a sign of extra belly fat.

For men, a measurement of 40 inches or more should raise a red flag.

If the measurement you get is unhealthy, you should start taking immediate action so that you can burn the excess fat in your belly.

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Robert Barnes
Robert Barnes
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