How Exactly Does the Human Body Burn Fat?

We talk about losing weight and burning belly fat. But have you ever wondered where does the fat go when our weight is reduced?

What really goes on when our body burns fat? Let’s stop wondering and find out how it happens.

Our Body Gets Energy by Burning Sugar

burn glucose in blood

When our body does some work, engages in an activity or makes a physical or mental effort, it requires energy.

And it receives the energy by burning sugar. The sugar it burns comes from carbohydrate-rich food that we consume.

But our body doesn’t always have enough carbohydrate. Sometimes, the level of carbohydrate in our body falls down, which is the time when the body needs more sugar.

The human body runs low on sugar usually when we do heavy exercises.

When there isn’t enough sugar, the body immediately begins to save the left reserves of sugar. And then it starts to burn the extra fat.

Here’s How Our Body Burns Fat

Our body is made in such a wonderful way that it can turn into a fat burning machine when it needs to or when you want. It’s good at using the fatty acids for energy.

While other parts of our body have the capability to use the regular old fatty acids, our brain doesn’t. In fact, our brain requires refined fatty acids for energy.

The burning fat happens due to metabolism, which is the entire process of burning fat, generating energy and transporting that energy all across to keep the different systems of body functioning smoothly.

The liver is the factory. It’s the liver which breaks down fatty acids into energy packets, called ketone bodies, that can be easily digested.

These packets of energy then burn off to assist growth of hair, beating of heart, transfer of oxygen etc.

Ketone bodies, which are organic chemical compounds, can be categorized into – acetone, AcAc and 3HB.

Among these, the last two carry the utmost importance when it comes to providing energy to the body.

The brain can also easily absorb the ketone bodies. The entire process of creating ketone bodies is scientifically known as ketosis.

There are many activities which you can indulge in to turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

If you just set the furnace up and keep it burning at its maximum efficiency, you can burn lots of fat and lose weight as a result.

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Robert Barnes
Robert Barnes
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