13 Perfect Ways To Enhance Your Breast Size Naturally

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Having breasts is one of the physical features in women that makes them look beautiful and more attractive.

Also, they help in boosting woman’s self-esteem thus appreciating and loving their feminine gender.

However, some women out there are not satisfied with the size of their bust making them to look for alternatives in order to enlarge them.

We all know that breast enlargement options such as surgical breast increase, implants and other artificial ways to enlarge your breasts are expensive and may have permanent side effects which might be dangerous for your overall body health.

If you are interested in having bigger boobs, going natural is a perfect idea.

In this article, we will briefly discuss some natural ways that helps in increasing the size of your breasts. Take your time to look at each one of them.

Systematic breast massages

Increasing the size of your breast does not necessarily require surgery. There are simpler ways that can help you achieve the desired size of your bust.

Massaging your chest area evenly helps in increasing the blood flow and the flow of phytoestrogens present in the bloodstream to the breast.

Taking a regular breast massage every day for about 30 minutes can stimulate the increased production of hormone prolactin which helps in increasing the size of your breasts.

Bust-enhancing exercises

This is another way of improving the size of your breasts naturally. Doing exercises that mostly target the breast muscles can help them grow thus enlarging the sizes of your boobs.

If you are interested in enlarging your breasts, you must as well increase your bust exercises when working out whether at home or at the gym.

You will achieve positive results as time goes.

Make sure that you are eating healthy fats

Increased consumption of healthy fats can help in enlarging your breasts. It is wise to avoid unhealthy fats that can lead to health problems.

Sticking to healthy fats found in avocados, fish, peanuts, eggs among others is a perfect idea.

You must exercise regularly though, so that the fat taken will have a chance to reach to your mammary glands. Make sure that you don’t add unnecessary weight.

Eat Estrogen-rich foods

Are you aware that your breast size can significantly depend on absence or presence of certain hormones?

It is important to know that absence of hormone estrogen can reduce breast development leading to underdeveloped breasts.

Eating foods rich in estrogen is a good way of creating high levels of this hormone in your body which can help you increasing your breast in a natural way.

Some natural sources of phytoestrogen include sunflower seeds, soy foods legumes, chicken soup etc.

Consume radish

Several studies have proved that radish is a natural breast enhancement. It has some properties that improves the flow of blood to the tissues of the breasts and other body tissues.

Increased circulation of blood to the mammary glands tissue can help in increasing their size effectively.

Foods rich in vitamins

pile of vitamin-rich foods

Lack of enough vitamins in your body has a negative impact on the size of your cups. Each vitamin (Vitamin C, A, E and B6) has a specific role in breast enhancement.

However, when these vitamins are combined, they are capable of promoting breast development to a good level. It is also important to know the main functions of these vitamins.

Vitamin C helps in restoration of collagen thus increasing support of cellular tissues whereas Vitamin A assists in promoting regeneration and transformation of the cells of the skin.

Finally Vitamin E aids in regulating body cholesterol levels and Vitamin B6 helps in the formation of new blood cells in the body.

Ensure that you are wearing breast enhancing clothes

Sometimes the clothes women wear can make their boobs look down flat or highlighted.

Choosing to wear clothes that do not flatten out your chest is a good idea.

For those who have small tits, always opt for padded bras and clothes that makes them look larger and fuller.

Opt to do your household chores

Some women use electronic items to do their domestic chores. This makes their bodies unhealthy due to lack of physical exercise.

If you are really interested in boobs enhancement, make a habit of doing those chores manually.

Doing chores that requires plenty of arm movements can help you in achieving the desired size of your bust.

Use of natural supplements

Deficiencies of certain minerals and vitamins in the body can lead to hormonal imbalances leading to underdeveloped mammary glands.

To avoid this, going for natural supplements can help in preventing these deficiencies thus promoting normal breast development.

Natural supplements such as Total Curve help in promoting the growth of your breasts.

Wall press

This exercise can help in boosting the size of your breast. This is achieved by standing straight facing a wall, you should place your palms on the wall against it making sure not to bend your elbows.

Keep pushing for at least ten minutes as you take a break. It is advisable to repeat this exercise twice in a day for about twenty times each for remarkable results.

Amino acids

Amino acids helps in burning excess fats in the body as prolonging the aging process.

Apart from that, amino acids have properties as those of a growth hormone that enlarges the size of your breasts.

Increased intake of amino acid supplements can help grow breast size naturally and quickly.

Swinging your arms

Swinging your arms is an exercise that can help enlarging your bust. You only need to stand straight with your arms by your side, swing them in the clockwise direction for about 10-15 times.

Take a break and repeat the same exercise in anticlockwise direction.

Doing this for ten minutes at regular intervals in a day can effectively enhance the size of your breasts.

Use of natural creams and oils

naturaful cream

Some creams such as NaturaFul breast enlargement cream claim to enlarge breast size. You should rub the palms of as fast as you can to generate some energy and heat.

After doing this for about ten seconds, place them on your bust area and rub anticlockwise on the left breast and clockwise direction on to the right one.

Make sure you achieve 300 counts in the morning and in the evening. If you are able to do this every day for one month, it can effectively promote growth.


It is possible to accomplish the desired size of your breasts naturally. With this, you achieve positive results without having to spend a lot of money on carrying out breast surgery, breast implant or other ways that might be expensive.

These natural ways tend to produce long-term and abiding results. However, some of them takes time you should therefore be patient enough to achieve the best results.

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