Surprising Effects Of Phytoestrogen On Female Breast

It is every woman’s’ desire is to have nice and sexy curves. Having fuller and firmer tits makes a woman more attractive, curvy and have high esteem.

Wanting to enlarge your boobs and get your spirits up again? Well, it is advisable to opt for natural ways to enhance your chest area.

Natural enhancement is the best way to enlarge your boobs since it is less expensive and has no risks involved unlike undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery.

Phytoestrogen play an important role when it comes to growing artificial and healthy breast.

What is phytoestrogen?

Phytoestrogen is a plant having estrogen when consumed it attaches to a human body, affecting the hormones in the body.

When combined with estrogen receptors, they help trigger development or enlargement in mammary glands.

They help reduce fat in the body, risk of having cancer, blood pressure and early menopause symptoms.

Come to think of it, phytoestrogen indeed eliminates the risk of having cancer, which according to researches done women are more likely to have cancer than men.

Women with larger mammary glands are at a bigger risk of cancer. To enable one stay safe and health from any lifestyle diseases it is advisable to use phytoestrogen.

effects of phytoestrogens of breast tissue growth

Foods That Contain Phytoestrogen

Phytoestrogen is very easy and cheap to find. Most of food materials we consume in our daily lives, chances are they contain phytoestrogen.

Below are foods substances which are rich in the product and cheap in the market.

soy beans

Soy— it is mostly found in food materials like soybeans, and soy cheese, and in milk commonly known as soya milk. We are all aware the benefits of soy in breast enlargement.

If u want to grow natural and fuller breasts it is advisable it use soy which is also rich in phytoestrogen.

Soy is rich in estrogen which helps trigger artificial hormones hence encouraging breast enlargement.

It can be consumed at any age but it is advisable to start using it at early ages like in puberty to ensure long term and steady results.

hop phytoestrogens

Hop—this is another amazing natural boob enhancement, extracted from bust bunny.

It aids in bust growth and reduces the body from producing dihydrotestosterone which is responsible for small or slow chest development.

What’s more it is a good source of phytoestrogen. Hop are mostly grown in Germany, South Korea and Poland. Steady consumption of hop ensures the patient [woman] grow bigger, curvy and lifted tits.

red clover flower

Red clover—this is a great source of phytoestrogen. It is extracted from bust bunny.  Red clover help in the growth of bigger and raised boobs.

Suffering or desiring to enlarge your tits to feel your sexuality well, look no further consuming red clover will solve your problem.

This helps woman love their body more, appreciate themselves and have the courage to face life as opposed to females with flats chests who feel deemed in the society.

fennel root

Fennel—this is the flavor you taste in black licorice. It is another product rich in phytoestrogen. It is also used in drink preservatives.

It is a wonderful product to use when thinking to have bust enhancement. Guarantees one of positive results in a short period of time.

It also aids the body in producing prolactin, which stimulates milk production. It is best use for lactating mothers.

For breastfeeding mothers or after pregnancy this is the best product to use.

Most mothers experience weigh lose after or during pregnancy and once the baby has depleted the given time to suckle their tits tend to sag and fall.

However using fennel will not only grow lifted breast but also helps generate milk for your toddler.

phytoestrogen-rich foods

(Image courtesy of Dr.Axe)

Hormones and their functions for female breast


This work artificially just like estrogen in the body. They are produced and found in plants.   They help trigger estrogen in the body hence development of bigger and fuller tits.

When indulging into boob enlargement it is advisable to consume foods rich in phytoestrogen for quick and positive results.


This is more beneficial to lactating mothers. It helps pituitary gland produce milk and also provide immune system to the mother and also the baby.

It also helps in growth of boobs for mothers who are still breast feeding.

How phytoestrogen affects breast growth

Well, after having the basic and background information about phytoestrogen. What comes into one’s mind is how it triggers the breast growth.

Phytoestrogen which has estrogen aids in stimulating and holding fluids that enhance breast tissue growth.

One is assured of bigger, fuller and firmer breast when you use products and food materials rich in phytoestrogen.

This can be an advantage to breastfeeding mothers since it increases the milk levels and at the same time help grow bigger tits.

Its usage also guarantees one even after pregnancy and breast feeding, where mostly women lose a lot of weight and fat making their bust to shrink and sag still remain firm and lifted.

Different classes of phytoestrogen

There are three different types of phytoestrogen:

Isoflavones—this is found in legumes. Its main source of is soya beans. Isoflavones are then sub branched into two those that are have sugar glycone and those without.

According to New York University those without glycone have the best estrogenic effects.

Lignans—these are chemicals found in food materials with high fiber. A good example is beans and cereals.

Coumestans—these are chemicals found in the different types of beans. Example lima beans and split peas.

Pros of using phytoestrogen

  • Prevents osteoporosis—this is an age related disease where one loses bone mineral density and one is at risk of fracture.
  • Prevents menopause symptoms—however much this is a condition among the old female. It has symptoms that affect the normal daily life of a woman. Symptoms like sweating during the night and having hot flushes.
  • Prevents heart diseases and complications— use of phytoestrogen help reduce the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular complications.


  • Disrupt the normal functioning of an adult brain and reproductive track
  • Disrupt hormone levels and oval cycle in women
  • You tend to become moody and emotional

Wrapping It Up

The effects of phytoestrogen for women’s health and especially breast are quite positive.

If you are looking to use this herbal substance for rejuvenating your breasts, it’s recommended to opt for natural solutions offering the correct and safe dosages of phytoestrogens along with other nutrients.

In this case, you can expect to reap the full benefits of better-looking curves without any unwanted effects.

One of such solutions is all-natural program called Total Curve. It provides topical cream and a supplement to make your breast lifted, well-shaped and overall bigger in size.

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