Dental Health And Hygiene For Young Children

Dental health and hygiene is an issue that is very important for all human beings. But it is crucial for young kids as it helps them in developing good oral habits that keep them protected from infections, oral diseases and problems related to teeth and gums.

Maintaining good oral health allows kids to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. They can also eat and talk easily and properly that leads to normal development of their bodies.

A good foundation is laid if kids are taught about importance of oral health and healthy habits.

child's dental health

Kids learn quickly from their elders

Teaching young kids how to maintain good oral health is an investment into their own health. Young kids learn quickly from the example set by their older siblings and parents.

If they see others taking good care of their oral health, it makes them understand its value.

Brushing and flossing in front of young kids encourages them to indulge in these actions and they learn to take good care of their oral health in a fun way.  

The biggest problem parents face in terms of poor oral health of young kids is cavities in teeth. Nearly 20% of Kids up to 2 years of age have cavities in their teeth.

This percentage increased to 28 in 3 year old kids and almost half of the kids suffer from these cavities b the time they are 5 years of age.

Most parents take this problem lightly as they believe that their kids are going to lose these infected teeth as they grow up. But this is a mistake as cavities can cause harm to the development of permanent teeth.

They can also adversely affect the denture and the beautiful smile of your child in future.  

Just remember that good oral hygiene is much more than just a beautiful smile. Oral hygiene ensures that kids are healthier and happier in general.

Baby teeth may be gone after a few years but the infections and other dental issues will persist for a long time after that.

This is why it is important to teach your kids importance of oral hygiene and good oral habits.

Teeth brushing

child boy brushes his teeth

Brushing of teeth is the single most important habit to maintain good oral health. Encourage your kid to take up brushing as soon as he has developed a tooth.

Brush your teeth in front of him and encourage him to follow you. Help your child to choose his brush and toothpaste as he will find it more enjoyable when these tools are according to his liking.

Teach your child different brushing motions that will help in removing all food particles. Gradually he will learn to follow these motions in a sequence.

Tell him about the importance of brushing first thing in the morning and also at night before going to sleep.

Teach about dangers of eating too much sugar

kids teeth are healthy with these snacks

Let your child know that sugar is a villain for his oral health and he should avoid consuming too much of sugar in the form of chocolates, sugary sweets, ice creams, and colas. Teach him how sticky sugar can lead to cavities in his teeth. Control the diet of your small kids so that they do not consume too much of sugar.

Never ignore dental checkups

kid dental checkup

Make sure you take your young kids to a dentist for regular check up of the health of their teeth and gums. This way you can prevent serious dental problems requiring expensive treatments.

The dentist can prescribe calcium tablets and fluoride drops if he identifies deficiency of these elements in your child.

Observing good oral habits and maintaining good oral hygiene is an investment whose rewards will be reaped by your kids for a long time to come.

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