Capsiplex Reviews – The Best Weight Loss Tablets?

capsiplex fat burner tablets

The problem with most slimming aids on the market today is their sheer number. It’s hard to know which one is best for you.

Some of them contain artificial stimulants that can be harmful to our bodies but make the pounds fall off fast.

Some promise fast results but require a strict diet that leaves us hungry most of the day. Either way, slimming down can be a miserable experience. There is one product, though, that slims you quickly without all the sacrifice.

Capsiplex is a natural, harmless way to lose weight—harmless to your body but a real threat to the fat cells you’re trying to shrink. It works by supercharging your metabolism naturally with Capsicum, a member of the pepper family that is used in cooking all over the world.

A Cool Hot Product

Capsicum contains capsaicinoids, the elements which cause the heat in hot peppers. Capsicum increases your metabolic rate naturally, stimulating the part of the nervous system that initiates thermogenesis which causes the body to oxidize fat.

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Fat oxidation is a term that refers to the way the body melts excess fat stored in fat cells, converting it to energy.

Capsicum has been shown to increase the rate of fat oxidation as much as 42% and can also improve your circulation, dampen your appetite, and even impart some antioxidant effects to fight naturally occurring free radicals that cause us to age.

To get the amount of Capsicum contained in Capsiplex you would have to eat 10 grams of hot peppers every day for several weeks or take a concentrated extract. Needless to say, you would not enjoy it and may even get indigestion.

Capsiplex wraps Capsicum into an inert central core with a special outer coating so that it is not released until it’s in the intestine.

There, higher pH levels neutralize the burning effects while giving you all the benefits without the discomfort.

It breaks down completely in the intestinal tract so that you are free of discomfort even during elimination.

Effortless Fat Burning

With Capsiplex you have only one capsule a day to take so you don’t have to remember to a schedule. If you have a busy life this can make slimming much easier and more convenient.

You’ll get the same results as the rich and famous do when they spend thousands of pounds on fitness farms and medically supervised diets.

Capsiplex has been a favorite of celebrities because of its fast results and the energy it stimulates. Model Nicola McLean credit Capsiplex for her nearly effortless post pregnancy weight loss and former soap star Roxanne Pallett also recommends it.

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Capsiplex has proven so popular that Harrods sold over 50,000 packs, their entire inventory, within days of stocking it.

Capsiplex works in ways other than thermogenesis. As it stimulates efficient burning of fat you’ll find that you have much more energy than usual.

You’ll want to take that after dinner walk or use the stairs instead of the lift. You probably won’t want to sit in front of the television after dinner or play games on your computer.

Instead, most people who take Capsiplex prefer to expend the extra energy they experience by walking, playing tennis, running or some other physical activity that they enjoyed before they gained weight.

Studies have shown that you can burn more calories, before, during, and after exercise when you take Capsiplex. A ten minute walk gives you the calorie burning benefits of at least twice the effort!

Proven Results, Few Sacrifices

In a study where subject took either Capsiplex or a placebo, the people who received Capsiplex burned an average of 278 calories more than those who took the placebo. Burning just 278 more calories per day while not altering your eating habits will give you a weight loss of 25 pounds per year!

Better yet, slimming with Capsiplex doesn’t require that you give up all the foods that you love. You won’t want to overeat because the Capsicum dampens your appetite.


While you don’t have to give up desserts or measure your portions, most people that take Capsiplex don’t have the desire to stuff themselves no matter how good the food is. You can enjoy all the food you always have but you won’t want to eat so much.

Capsiplex has proven effective during actual use in everyday life as well as scientific studies. It is a natural, healthful way to lose weight that allows your body to adopt new, healthy eating habits so that once the weight comes off, it stays off for good.

You deserve a slim, healthy body that lets you look and feel your best and Capsiplex could be the ideal method to reach that goal.

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