How To Bulk Up Fast Without Weights

bulk up without gymBeing in a good shape and having a super fine body has always been men’s dream.

They want to look into the mirror and find a toned body in front of them.

Now the obvious way to achieve that is to train hard using weights at a gym, for a long period of time.

But in today’s fast track world, it is not possible for everyone to assign themselves to this task for that much time.

If you have a demanding job with tough timings in a day, it is not possible for you, in most cases, to carry on another tough activity each day.

This has been the main concern for most people and also the major cause of rage quit in men looking to build a bulked up body.

There are other reasons too, such as physical health, which makes it very difficult to build the wanted body for a man.

This article will help all these men by informing them about the ways they can build their body and bulk up without spending hours at a gym, tiring their body out by lifting weights.

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To understand the solutions and the methods of bulking up fast, let us first state most of the reasons people can’t build up their body the way they want. The most common reason is a lack of time.

Most people don’t have free time in working days, which makes them skip gym days. This habit makes it almost impossible for muscles to grow because workout consistency is a necessity for a body to build up.

Another reason is the difficulty one face in keeping a healthy eating plan. Because let’s face it, eating green food and stopping yourself from junk food is not an easy task.

Nutrition is the most important need for muscle growth to occur. Without balanced nutrition, supplementation and hydration, you’ll build very little or no gains and end up very annoyed and possibly quit because of not seeing any results.

The importance of raw materials for your body to use for muscle growth can’t be stressed enough, the primary factor for one as a beginner is to find out about correct nutrition.

Like Proteins, composed of various amino acids, are the real building blocks of muscle tissue.

It builds, repairs and maintains your muscles, and is incredibly vital to a bodybuilder since frequent intense weight lifting puts such a high demand for it on your body. And hence they should be included in a diet at all cost.

The other factors that stop your body to build include the wrong choice of workout, and yes, just randomly lifting weights doesn’t build your muscles and shape your body.

Inconsistencies in your workout schedule and disturbance in sleep schedule are the other important factors of slow to none body muscle growth.

Let us now tell about some of the easiest and effective ways through which you can bulk up your body without having to lift heavy weights and spend half of your time at the gym.

Using these methods, a man will be able to bypass all those hefty weight lifting workout and other necessities of bulking up, hence saving their precious time and energy.

But it should be noticed that a regular cardio should be done in any of the following methods because you can’t have it all with even the slightest of the efforts. So let’s begin describing these methods:

Body Weight Training

Bulking is possible with the right training and routine. Mass is added when muscles in the body are torn, broken down, and regenerated after a workout or physical activity.

The body’s own natural weight can dramatically assist in the process since bodyweight exercises generally target large muscle groups including the body’s core.

Ancillary muscles tend to be utilized in support of the targeted muscle group thus enhancing the mass-building process.

With time, body weight exercises can help you to not only look leaner and become more athletic, but they will allow you to train easily in a variety of spaces inside or outside of the gym. Pushups are an excellent body weight exercise and there are many variants.

#1 – Pushups

Pushups target one’s chest and core and may be performed without any help or with furniture assistance. Secondary targeted muscle groups are the shoulders and triceps.

basic push-upsBasic pushups should be performed with the hands flat on the ground at shoulder-width apart. Your head should be looking forward and not down at the ground.

Fingers can be closed together or spread apart depending on the amount of resistance needed. Fingers tighter together increase resistance while spread out fingers decrease resistance.

Feet should be resting on one’s toes. Widen your hands further apart or closer together to increase the challenge and target either the shoulders (wider) or inner chest and triceps (closer).

The pushup is complete when the body is lowered slowly down to the ground and raised back up to the starting position.

To challenge your stamina and agility, you can perform a basic pushup with a very quick clap of the hands in between repetitions.

A further augmentation of the basic pushup form may be inclined pushups where you put your feet on an elevated piece of furniture or block. The higher up your lower body is compared to your upper body the more difficult the pushup becomes and also the more muscle groups that are targeted.

The most daunting and physical challenge when doing pushups may be the one-handed pushup.

In performing this feat, you should put one hand behind your back and balance your upper body on a single hand with spread out fingers.

One-handed pushups can be considered to be a rite of passage in the body weight muscle building world because of their difficulty.

#2 – Dips On Bar

dipsA complementary body weight exercise are dips. Dips can be performed by a single person in between two pieces of furniture such as chairs. To perform a dip, you put your legs on one chair in front of you and then rest your hands on the chair behind you.

With your butt carefully balanced between the two chairs, you may slowly use your arms to lower your body lower and lower until your elbow and arm are at a right angle. Raise up until the dip is complete and then repeat for repetitions.

#3 – Pullups

Pullups work the entire breadth of the back as well as forearms, biceps, and core.

pullup exercisesPullups may be performed with a pushup bar or on a bar at a playground. Your hands and arms should be shoulder length apart (like a pushup) and hands should be gripping the bar tightly with your knuckles facing outward.

You should begin with your head parallel with the bar and then slowly lower yourself down until your arms are fully extended. Raise up to complete the motion.

You may increase or decrease the width of your arms against the bar to challenge yourself further and work separate muscle groups from different angles.

Alternatively, you can reverse your grip and to strengthen your biceps more directly.

Like with pushups, the one-armed pullup, which is inherently more dangerous, is a difficult challenge but can be a satisfying accomplishment and workout for your upper, lower, and middle back.

Lastly, the speed in which you do the pullups should usually be slow and comfortable. Performing pullups too fast may put your shoulders at risk for injury because you are dangling against your own body weight in light of gravity.

#4 – Squats

Body weight squats are an excellent full-body workout. Air squats are commonly performed by athletes in all disciplines. Squats target your glutes, quads, and hamstrings, as well as challenging your core for balance and calves for support.

squatsSquats are be performed with your arms outstretched in front of you while standing firm and tall.

You should keep your hands in front of you while you slowly sit down while balancing your weight.

The arms function as a counter-balance to your butt. In balancing, your muscles activate to keep you right-side-up. Squats can be performed in abundance and it is frequent that athletes perform twenty to fifty in a single set.

Squats can also be considered a solid cardiovascular workout which will increase your metabolism and mass building.

To perform the above body weight exercises, one may need: 1.) a pullup or pushup bar; 2.) support objects such as furniture.


There are some supplements that can assist with bulking up fast without weights. These supplements complement the exercise by providing the necessary nutrients.

Multivitamins replenish vital nutrients when taken with meals. There are many on the market but generally they do not contain very different ingredients. Rather, the important part of a multivitamin is the timing and consumption with food.

Multivamins can also come in the form of amino acids, such as BCAAs, which are branched chain amino acids. These are found in food quite easily if one has a balanced diet.

However, it can assist in building energy throughout the day to supplement one’s diet with a heavy dose of the vital amino acids.

Multivitamins and amino acids may drastically increase your metabolic rate if you were previously deficient.

Testosterone boosters are naturally occurring ingredients that actively increase your own hormone production.

Testosterone boosters that are natural and not metabolic steroids in their purest form are legal and do not require a prescription.

Testosterone is naturally occurring and if the body can be made to produce more of the hormone one’s muscle-protein synthesis will increase and the muscles will expand and recover faster.

Similarly, real steroids that are injected are the quickest way to build muscles because the actual synthetic hormone is mainlined directly into your bloodstream.

However, steroids are dangerous, expensive and should be only be taken in consultation with one’s doctor, who can proscribe testosterone if one’s naturally occurring levels are below average.

In this case, you can opt-in for legal steroids GNC that have the same effect as real steroids without their dangerous side effects and risks for your health.

In order to bulk up fast without weights one must be dedicated, consistent, and have a tremendous amount of persistence since it is only through a balance of exercise and diet that the muscle building process can take place.

Without the proper nutrients or without the proper stimulation muscles cannot grow. But with a solid plan and the right amount of support and mental determination, bulking up can be painless, fun, and rewarding.

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