4 Negative Effects Of Breast Augmentation Surgery

womain trying to syringe her bust

Every activity we engage in has its own pros and cons.

The “Boob job” too comes with its own fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

Females have different boob size big, medium, or small size.

Due to the different sizes, women may feel uncomfortable mostly with the small size hence trigger the idea to enlarge their bust.

They use certain products or hit the gym to help develop larger and firmer breasts.

These products include pills, breast enhancement cream applied on the breast, others use of nutritional supplement; some women even take it a notch higher where they go for a cosmetic plastic surgery.

More often than not bust enlargement among the female is triggered by low esteem.

These actives are readily and locally available for anyone to buy. In this article, we shall discuss the side effects of using Breast Actives.

Why Women Fall In For Breast Enlargement Surgery?

First, let us look at the common reasons why women undergo breast augmentation.

One breast is larger than the other

Because of micromastia, women have uniform breast. However, due to uneven estrogen levels and growth of spurts during puberty lead to uneven breasts. This condition leads a female to undergo breast enlargement.

To boost self esteem

The physical appearance of one comes along with self-esteem. Some women are dissatisfied with their size of breast and most of them go through bust enlargement to boost their low esteem.

Boost their sex life

According to studies done women with large chests were found to have high levels of sexual arousal and satisfaction. Hence, most females undergo boob enhancement to improve their sex life.

Recently lost weight

When a woman undergoes weight loss due to sickness or pregnancy, it is most likely they loss the perky shape of their tits.

Boob augmentation gives a fuller chest and helps retain the precious shape and size.

Three common methods used to enlarge boobs

Use of supplements

This is one of the most cheap and readily available ways to enhance one boob.

A customer may visit a doctor and prescribe drugs or buy the pills from a chemist.

Moisturizing or applying topical cream

This too is an easy and cheap enhancement method. It simply involves applying some specified topical cream on your breasts.

With time, the cup size becomes bigger as desired by the user.

Going for surgery

This is for the elite and rich. A cosmetic surgery is done is by a specialist using specific tools and is an expensive affair.

During the surgery, implants are planted into the tissues to encourage growth on the chest area.

Side effects of breast augmentation

It is every woman’s dream to have sexy and firm tits. Many women decide to go for breast enhancement to achieve that sexy and appearing look.

Many don’t know the dangers and risks involved in the process.

Before deciding to enlarge your boobs do in depths research on the risks and benefits of the activity.  

The research helps one reach to an informed decision which one live with the rest of their life. Here are most severe side effects of tit augmentation.

Pose a health risk

examination of breast by palpation

While doing breast enlargement, one does it for long-term benefits.

However, it can prove to be difficult experience since it can pose health hazards to one body.

The most common risk is a condition known as capsular contracture. It is the growth of firm, internal scar tissue around the implant.

This causes the hardening of the tits and the physical distortion of the breast.

The condition poses a more health hazard, high cost, and go through more pain since it needs one to undergo another surgery to remove the implant.

This procedure may lead one to go through psychological trauma due to several surgeries or even cause loss of life.

Surgeries have secondly complications like bleeding and if experience lots of bleeding may lead to anemia. Others may have trouble in breathing.

Augmentation may not work out hence distorting the normal structure and functioning of a boob.

Deciding to undergo breast enlargement by either  through drugs or surgeries?

One always hopes the process is will work and achieve the desired results. However there are some cases where it doesn’t work hence leading to complications.

For example, fat transfer is way to enhance boobs through surgical technique.

Fat transfer is moving fat via liposuction from body donor areas, purified and injected into the breast.

Often this may lead to growing one tit to be bigger than the other, which isn’t a patient desire. Other complications involved is the loss of nipple sensation, make the breast tissues and glands extremely hard and dead.

It can surprise one because the breast can become heavy due to overgrowing after fat transfer.

May lead to infections

When one uses drugs or undergoes surgeries where is involvement of surgical tools. Infections comes into question, one gets worried about contacting diseases in the procedure.

Your concerns are valid since one can contact bacteria or viral diseases. An example of a viral disease is HIV/AIDS contacted by use of unsterilized scalpels. There might be some swellings and bruises exposing one to infections.

Lead to breast sagging, numbness and dead skin

Some surgeries done on boobs may fail to conform with one body hence leading to complications.

The most common is numbness; once excessive fat is channeled to ones tits; it becomes very difficult to feel pain hence becoming a dead skin on a woman’s body.

Due to their large size, breasts tend to lose their original shape these triggers sagging hence become tedious even when it comes to placing them in position in a bra.

Other complications involved are: skin rashes, causes irritation, poor concentration since one feels uncomfortable, chest wall deformity, implant displacement, scar tissues, fatigue, pain hence one being prescribed for painkillers.

Breast enlargement isn’t a bad idea but comes along with a lot of shortcomings.

Instead of undergoing and exposing your body into serious complications just be comfortable with your breast size.

Don’t allow to be influenced by tertiary desires to alter your body just to satisfy the society or partners wants.

Stay safe and free from diseases and infections by not going through surgeries to boost the so-called self-esteem.

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