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Product Name: Breast Actives

Customer Rating: 4 out of 5

Money-back guarantee: 60 days

According to a study1 regarding satisfaction with bust size and shape a massive 70% of women asked, responded negatively.

As the study confirmed, no one is happy with what they’ve got, skinny women were mostly worried about their breast being imperceptibly small, while big bone ones were concerned over their curves size and tendency to lose firmness and be prone to sagginess.

This could justify the growing number of women resorting to cosmetic breast enhancement surgery in an effort to attain the ideal curves, both in shape and in size.

However, breast enhancement surgery implies certain risks and surprisingly the statistics of women satisfied with breast augmentation surgery is not as high as one would expect.

Ideally, women seek less-invasive, low-risk methods for acquiring the ideal curves.

What is Breast Actives?

It is an all natural, revolutionary method for breast enhancement without having to undergo painful and often dangerous plastic surgery.

It uses a three-phase bust enhancement program consisting of a pill, a topical cream and an expertly designed exercise program.

The BA company exclusively employs all-natural ingredients in both its products to ensure no side effects occur other than shapelier, plumper curves.

What It Actually Does?

In a glance the three-stage natural breast enhancement program:

  • Improves bust appearance by safely increasing their size. Breasts appear fuller and much firmer.
  • Enhances curves form, naturally lifting and fillings your curves counteracting any sagging tendency, the result is a youthful more shapely effect.
  • Catapults confidence and self-image. Achieving the desirable bust appearance appearance and size women feel more comfortable in swimwear and flirty clothing as their self-image substantially improves. No longer are they self-conscious about their (supposedly) inferior middle body appearance.

How does it enhance breast size and shape?

The Breast Active Capsules

breast actives pills

Thanks to the highly efficient natural ingredients formula, the Breast Actives pills naturally boost mammary glands tissue growth, in a way similar to the just-got-into-puberty kind of breasts growth.

Instead of using any artificial or surgical invasion to enlarge breasts, the supplement contains hand-picked natural herbs that have been used for centuries in traditional medicine as a way of boosting estrogen levels in a natural way.

Higher levels of estrogen improve mammary glands growth which eventually results in a fuller, firmer bosom.

The herbs and antioxidants in the BA capsules have phytoestrogens, natural actives that behave the exact same way women’s hormone, estrogen does. The supplement’s ingredients include:

  • milk thistle
  • blessed thistle
  • fennel seed
  • fenugreek seed
  • dong quai root along other substances

These dietary estrogens are found in the BA supplement, safely balancing your hormone levels and encouraging the glands to activate breast tissue enlargement.

Taken in combination with the cream, the two work synergistically to grow bust size and enhance the shape.

The Breast Actives Cream

breast actives cream

The new cream contains a key nutrient bio-agent called Pueraria mirifica a phytoestrogen-rich active said to boost breast enhancement.

Pueraria is a widely used Thailand-harvested folk medicine with multiple rejuvenating capacities thanks to a wealthiness of antioxidants and estrogenic compounds it contains including genistein, daidzein and pueraria.

In fact, two compounds of this formula have been confirmed to have anti-cancer activity for human breast cell cancer, according to this study.

However, other than this study there’s no steadfast evidence of the exact boobs enhancing properties of the pueraria extract.

This extract used in Breast Actives cream helps counteract tits skin sagginess and boost breast enhancement instead.

The extract emulates, body-secreted estrogens and seems to be effective in naturally reverting aging processes directly associated with hormone imbalance.

By balancing or boosting estrogen levels, this solution become a natural breasts enhancing solution that non-invasively lifts and enhances your curves.

Mirifica extract’s performance is boosted with other actives, including red clover extract, aloe vera concentrate and sepiliftiii.

What people who have used it say about it?

Women who’ve tried this enlargement program give their own verdict on the system’s efficiency. From models to everyday women, this enhancement product seems to live up to the customers’ expectations.

However, not all reviews of the product are equally positive as different women means different results.

Women who had tangible results report:

  • Bust form changed into a more curvy, full shape
  • Breasts perceptibly lifted, or sagginess inclination reverted.
  • Switching to a larger cup size bra, with boobs being beautifully and synchronously enhanced
  • Mood and self-image improvement because of the flattery and enhanced body image these women recently acquired.

Here’s a real video report from a customer:

On the other hand, many were the women who after the application of the three-phase system did not see much grow difference in the shape or size of their breasts.

Others yet report that the improvement was little in comparison with their friends’ results. Breast Actives side effects are also pretty rare.

Why are there so contrasting Breast Actives reviews?

Unlike invasive cosmetic augmentation surgery, it is only expected that the results among women will differ considerably.

Each woman brings to the table a different set of conditions and parameters each one of them playing a key role as to how and when her body will respond to the breasts enhancing properties of this product.

Age, hormone levels, stress, level of faithfully following the instructions and many other factors should be weight in when looking for how effective this is.

For most women, results are starting to show at least after 3 to 4 months of consistently and unfailingly following the three-steps busts enhancement program.

Considering though the benefits of Breast Actives in comparison to cosmetic surgery, it should not really matter how fast the results can be seen:

  • Affordable solution for female curves enhancement
  • Less risky and dangerous than breast implants, recently associated with cancer and other conditions.
  • A DIY solution, that’s discreet and effective. Gradually impress without shocking others
  • All-natural and well-designed system that if followed devotedly gives great results
  • Boost self-image and confidence without having to resort to questionable surgical procedures and without any side effects.

Why try Breast Actives and not some other breast enhancement products?

For two reasons in particular and many more in general. First, Breast Actives is a comprehensive, easy-to-apply 3-step breast enhancement process which yields perceptible results in about three months’ time.

The fact that it contains three different targeting approaches means the results are long-lasting, quick and effective.

Unlike other singular breast enhancing pills or creams, this three-phased approach proves multiple times more efficient.

The second reason you should opt for BreastActives is in view of who manufactures it. Pacific 298 Ltd™ is the rightful manufacturer of the BA line.

The company was established back in 2002 and since then it has been delineating a consistent growth and has become an established and trusted company in the Premium Quality Health, Weight Loss and Beauty Products niche.

The company is also a proud and active member of the Natural Products Association.

Pacific 298 Ltd™ has tested all its products for efficacy and safety before implementing them in the female health line according to their official announcement.

Where can I get it myself?

The manufacturer urges interested customers to avoid buying any self-proclaimed BA formula that’s sold as a standing alone product.

The original, trusted Breast Active formula includes both the topical breast cream and the capsules.

Their website also recommends avoiding getting free samples as this is again not part of the official company’s policy and the impostor’s product is more likely to be fraudulent.

Instead, it is highly advised that you exclusively buy Breast Actives from the official website.

One month’s supply costs $59.95, while getting a 6-month worth of products will save you up to 65% of the original price (for the price of only $179.85).

By ordering from official online store, you ensure to:

  • 100% safe encrypted one-time billing
  • Totally genuine product delivered to your doors
  • FREE standard shipping
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • 24/7 support by phone & email
  • Exclusive “Buy 3-month package, get 3 months FREE” offer not available anywhere else
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Does Breast Actives Work?

Breast Actives is a thoroughly efficient 3-step breast enhancement system which helps you acquire a fuller, curvier bosom.

However, since this is a natural three-phase formula of herbs, antioxidants and phytoestrogens the actual results differ considerably for each woman, in terms of overall effect, breast size, shape, breast appearance, time necessary and based on other parameters (age, weight, hormonal balance functioning etc.)

The Breast Actives formula has been hailed as a revolutionary, do-it-yourself breast enhancement system that makes cosmetic surgery redundant.

The effectiveness of the Breast Actives system lies primarily in the comprehensive targeted strategy it follows.

While other beauty companies would only provide a single topical cream, or a supplement for breast enhancement, the Breast Actives™ company offers women a more efficient solution which includes BA capsules, a BA cream and a specialist-designed exercise program for better, faster, more tangible results.

How Breast Actives Works

Below is some evidence that Breast Actives ought to be your go-to choice for natural, non-invasive breast enhancement solution.

The standards and principles set by the Breast Actives company testify to their products high quality and efficiency,

  • Since it was first introduced, Breast Actives has been a best-seller in the natural breast enhancement category of products.
  • Has a threefold targeted system which makes it more efficient than stand-alone breast enhancement products
  • The effect is overall pleasing and confidence boosting as it enhances breast size, shape, by lifting, enlarging and firming up breast tissue.
  • The company behind Breast Actives that goes by the same name was established back in 2002 and it’s an active member of the Natural Products Association™.
  • If it weren’t for the products efficacy there wouldn’t be a money back guarantee.

Let’s talk science

Both the Breast Actives cream and capsules work hand in hand in bringing your estrogen to a desired level, ideal for breast enhancement functions to take place.

The Breast Actives pills contain all natural, herbal actives and antioxidants that contain phytoestrogens, nature’s own version of estrogens.

The herbs that contain these phytoestrogens are fennel, dong quai, blessed thistle, watercress, kelp, fenugreek and dandelion among other.

This estrogen-packed cocktail of natural phytoestrogens helps to stimulate breast enhancement activities in your body, which results in a bust that’s lifted, curvy and a whole lot more juicy.

The breast enhancing function of BA pills is boosted with the topical BA cream that contains one key ingredient for encouraging further breast enhancement activity.

This is pueraria mirifica, a miracle compound which activates mammary glands’ functions helping thus to safely and visibly enhance your breasts shape and size.

The third and last constituent system of the Breast Actives kit is the exercise program which basically accelerates the breast enhancement process, helping you get results faster.

The three-tiered formula of Breast Actives is the number one reason why it is a best seller in its category of natural breast enhancement products.

However, be aware that each woman is unique, if a friend or relative has used the product and had great results it does not imply you will get the exact same results.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

Some women will have results in 2 months’ time while other will in 6, or even more months.

The key is to have patience and follow the program strictly and it will give you the breasts you wanted.

Breast Actives Ingredients

Having a look at the natural ingredients and actives in Breast actives pills and cream might help you better understand the underlying functions that make it so effective.

Here’s the exact list of the both cream and supplement’s ingredients:

full list of Breast Actives ingredients

The Breast Actives Cream Ingredients

The Breast Actives cream contains a key breast enhancement extract from the roots of Pueraria murifica.

This plant is native to Thailand and has been extensively used in folklore medicine for its rejuvenating and restorative abilities.

Pueraria Mirifica

It is a rich source of phytoestrogens which have nurturing and rejuvenating properties, as this study proposes.

Another study wishing to clarify the confounding three different species of Kwao plants native to Thailand confirms the rejuvenating ability of Pueraria Mirifica also known as (White Kwao Khruea) (see before and after results here).

pueraria mirifica

Pueraria mirifica has been used for centuries as a menopausal symptoms reliever, known for mitigating hot flushes, mood swings even minimizing osteoporosis risk.

This study also has corroborated on its mitigating actions.

As pueraria mirifica helps regulate more efficiently hormone levels it also brings the body back to a puberty state of being, where hormones have all this generative abilities for physical growth and development.

Another study has also established that Pueraria Mirifica has an estrogenic effect on MCF-7 cells, the carcinogenic breast cells.

The study suggests that Pueraria Mirifica has an anti-proliferation effect on these cells.

In terms of breast enhancement the Breast Actives cream thanks to Pueraria mirifica extract stimulates activity in the mammary glands and as such helps you with your breast transformation.

In addition to Pueraria mirifica extract, the cream also contains avocado and almond oils as well as sepilift dphp and red clover extract which help to retain the suppleness and firmness of the skin while breast tissue is growing eliminating any possibility for stretch marks too.

Breast Active Pills Ingredients

The Breast Active Capsules is an exemplary supplement that consists of a wealthiness of antioxidants, phytoestrogens and compounds known for their rejuvenating capacity. But what these ingredients are really?

The main herbal actives in Breast Actives are, Vitamine E, kelp, watercress, dong quai, dandelion, l-tyrosine, blessed thistle, fenugreek and fennel.

Donq Quai Root

Also kown as Angelica sinensis helps relieve female reproductive health symptoms including menopause symptoms relief and libido increase.


A powerful estrogenic agent that balances and better controls hormone levels responsible for breast enhancement among other functions.


A powerful source of phytoestrogens that boost hormone balancing in the body.


It Helps in hormone balance regulation which subsequently boost the breast enhancing ability of your body.

This study even recommends it as a herbal apt for supporting HRP (Hormone Replacement Therapy) in menopausal women.

By using the breast actives 3-step formula you bring your body into a hormonal balance, allowing it to more smoothly and efficiently activate its breast enhancement activities which are boosted thanks to the ingredients found in both the BA cream and capsules.

What Are The Breast Actives Side Effects?

Breast actives have been diligently tested for their side effects to ensure that when using the Breast Actives system you will not experience any negative side effects.

Nevertheless, it has been brought to my attention after some online research that many women in fact complain of BA side effects.

This is firstly, not a typical characteristic of women using Breast Actives, secondly, more often than not the Breast actives side effects spring from a certain combination of factors, rather than these being a direct response to Breast Actives.

Common Side Effects

Some random side effects  reported by users of the breast enhancement formula are:

  • Swelling of the breast that’s accompanied with tenderness and sensitivity to touch
  • Allergic reaction pertaining to one of the herbal actives found in the Breast Actives pills.
  • Nausea or Dizziness for not taking the pill after a meal.
  • Soreness identical with PMS soreness of the breasts.
  • Headaches due to the sudden surge in hormone levels and specifically estrogen.
  • Ineffectiveness either due to improper application of the Breast Actives guideline, or because of lifestyle choices like increased caffeine intake with the pills.

The majority of Breast Actives reviews that reported such side effects explain how these were experienced at the beginning of the treatment and as weeks went by these gradually subsided.

The important thing to know about breast actives side effects is that there are no standard efficiency results you can compare yours against.

Each woman will respond differently to Breast Actives and it is only natural that mild, no-risk side effects like headaches or breast tenderness might occur.

Is breast actives safe to take?

Occasional Breast actives side effects are not representative of the program useage as its manufacturers only use safe, all-natural ingredients and herbs.

On their official website, the company clearly states their philosophy,

“to deliver the highest quality health and beauty products with the best value to our customers.”

Should you choose to give Breast Actives a try it’s advised that you purchase your supply from the official Breast Actives website.

Women who are expecting, breastfeeding or trying to conceive should not take the supplement.

You can consult with FAQ page where we tried to answer all related questions and allow you to quickly start using Breast Actives and benefit from its breast enhancing capacity.

Breast Actives Results – How Many Cups Size Growth To Expect?

There’s really no right or wrong. You see everyone responds differently to cosmetic products as different parameters come into play, genes, age, race, current well-being state and much more.

To unvaryingly judge a product’s effectiveness with so many varied and certainly not equal factors is to miss the point.

Unless we were a science team where such parameters are controlled for, then we cannot at least justifiable judge for its effectiveness in a truly objective manner.

Every woman is allowed to her opinion which is respected and appreciated but this in no way can be a generalized argument.

How Many Months Before I See Any Results?

Nonetheless, the general verdict about Breast Actives results is:

  • Positive results start to show within 3-4 months of consistently following the Breast Actives program
  • Breast become shapelier and more lifted
  • Breast size cup goes up from 1 to 2 cup sizes
  • A youthful, plumb, uplifted effect is achieved

Keep in mind that testimonials are not typical, what works wonders for one will leave another woman completely flat-chested. It’s nature’s ways you see.

What I can confirm though from personal use of Breast Actives and from feedback of a friend and my cousin is that the results vary and you need to be really, really patient.

For me it was only after 3 whole months that I could confidently  notice how they’ve become fuller, for my cousin, Ella it was a frustrating 5 and a half months, whilst my lucky friend Sarah get results from the second month of using BA pills and cream.

Here’s what women around the web have to say about Breast Actives, the immediate feeling once gets is of varied, intensely unpredictable results:

“Bigger but more tender to touch, as if I’m on my monthly somehow” Stella Pennington

“Soft, supple breasts but not anywhere near becoming more firm, I must admit to my disappointment”  Maya Devenaul

“I went from 32AA to 32A cup size, it might seem nothing to you, but for me the whole world just got better!” Anonymous

“My breasts seem a bit suppler after 4 months of using the cream. I only got the Breast Actives capsules last month, so I blame the poor results to this.” Rachel Meikle

Other women were disappointed regarding the kit’s effectiveness to make breast bigger, but they did notice some surprisingly positive side effects like libido boost and a milder PMSing.

“My bust size is already a bit fuller, but my self-confidence is definitely sky-high. Should you want an effective alternative to going under the knife, this will do the trick! At least worked for me.”

“It did nothing for me. I didn’t do any of the exercises included though and I don’t know how that might affected the result. Anyway, after 2 months I stopped, all I got was a bit of tenderness and a very imperceptible fullness. Couldn’t say I’m pleased with it.”

“Being flat-chested for my whole life, a subtle fullness and size increase had done wonders to my self-esteem. My boyfriend is having a hard time getting his hands off of me.”

“I was getting nauseated within the first two weeks of taking the Breast Actives pills, however after I started taking them after meals that went away. All that’s left is a juicier, firmer bust. Bear in mind that I’ve been using it for 6 months now and results were really visible only after the 5t. Just be patient!”

How To Get Proven Results With This Program?

As the reviews and testimonials above confirm, the results are nothing but typical.

You cannot possibly predict whether it will work for you or not, unless you give it a try.

The women who did have results are more likely the ones who had three attributes:

  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Compliance with the 3-step system guidelines

It does take time to see results; I only noticed more supple breasts during the 3rd month of taking the pills, applying meticulously the cream and performing a simple set of exercises.

Just when I was getting frustrated about wasting my money on a fake product, I realized that the whole process is just slower for me.

So yes, it is not guaranteed that your breasts will acquire the size and shape you want quickly and perfectly.

It takes time, but it is definitely worthwhile, given you avoid the cost, health risk and possible medical issues by opting for cosmetic surgery.

Breast Actives FAQ

Many people become increasingly worried over health supplements’ efficiency and safety.

Breast enhancement is a sensitive and extremely delicate issue and is only expected that women want to be well informed before any purchase.

Below are some FAQ, which I’ve created after I realized women asked the same questions and had similar concerns over Breast Actives.

Navigate through this FAQ page and if your question is not answered, feel free to contact me, I’d be more than happy to share my own experience with Breast Actives and possibly clarify any of your queries!

How do you apply the Breast Actives cream?

The BA cream is a velvety, odorless topical cream that you gently massage onto your breasts to enhance the BA pills’ efficiency.

The cream also contains oils to ensure that your skin is adequately hydrated and no stretch marks appear.

A small amount can go a long way, take an almond-size amount of cream into your palm and apply onto your breast, massaging gently as per the instructions included in the Breast Active cream application manual.

Massaging plays a key role in the efficiency of your treatment so following the instructions carefully is a must.

The Breast Actives cream needs has to be applied on clean, dry skin, once a day. If you have any dermatological concern, consult with your dermatologists for an expert opinion.

Are Breast Actives results permanent?

This program works by stimulating breast tissue growth and as such once you stop using the BA system the results won’t change.

The enhancement is permanent as long as no other drastic change occurs, like sudden and big weight loss will perhaps sap fat from your breasts as well.

Pregnancy, menopause and other hormone-related fluctuations might slightly change your breasts’ size and/or shape as well.
The general rule however is that the results are long-term.

How to maximize Breast Actives Results?

The key here is to use the whole three-step system for better breast enhancement results.

Sadly, the Internet is laden with negative reviews because people either fail to follow the instructions, or only use part of the treatment.

Remember, that the complete BA system consists of three different things, the cream, the capsules and the exercise program.

Following the guidelines will ensure you will reap all the benefits BA has to offer.

The other important factor to bear in mind is that results vary; you need to be patient and persistent with your treatment to see results.

I’m on the Pill can I use Breast actives?

Breast Actives won’t affect or compromise your Pill’s contraceptive power.
However, if you’re concerned you can always consult your doctor or gynecologist for further confirmation.

Is Breast Actives FDA approved?

Since it’s a supplement and not a drug, it’s not required FDA approval to be sold.
You don’t need a prescription to get this program.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

Breast Actives offer a 90-day money-back guarantee only for unopened BA bottles.

It is wise to acquaint yourself with their terms and conditions to avoid failure for refunding should you need one.

Their official statement reads,
You should return the item to us within 90 days of your purchase date.
We do not accept items back that have been opened or used. Opened Items are Non Refundable.
Shipping and Handling Fees are Non Refundable.

When will I notice any change in my breasts size and shape?

As Breast Actives is an all-natural alternative solution to surgical breast augmentation, the results are not typical.
Some women will see results in 3 months while others need to be more patient and wait for up to 6 months.
Making sure you follow the instructions and use all three steps of the Breast actives system will increase your chances of having results quickly.

Will I gain weight when taking Breast Actives?

It has come to my attention that some women who’ve used Breast Actives have put on weight. This is not generally applicable, but rather the exception.

Apparently, some women’s body responds differently to this program resulting in a slight weight gain.

Nonetheless, this is rarely the case and most women do not experience this side effect.

Can Breast actives cause cancer?

It is an all natural breast enhancement solution, and its ingredients are by definition harmless and non-toxic.

Women with a predisposition of family history of breast cancer are encourage to consult their doctor in case they’re worried.

In fact, a recent study1 on estrogens contained in Breast Actives has found them to possess anti-carcinogenic properties.

How do I take the Breast Actives capsules?

The BA pills work best if taken with a glass of water, avoid taking it with any carbohydrate drink or an empty stomach.

You should also limit your caffeine intake as well when on the BA treatment.

How much does Breast Actives cost?

For great discounts and promotional deals you would better purchase the best-selling Breast actives program from its official manufacturer.

Selected package offers can save you up to 2-month worth of BA supply.

Where can I safely buy Breast actives?

In order to get the original Breast Actives program that consists of three different products, you need to purchase it directly from the official manufacturer website

This will ensure you get the original system, your transaction will be safe and you will be covered for refund.

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