Breast Actives Cream – Is It Efficient Enough To Give My Breasts A Lift?

Breast Actives was a best-selling natural breast enhancement system consisting of three different aspects, Breast Actives cream, capsules and an expertly designed exercise program.

Many redistributing companies of Breast Actives wrongly sell the cream or pills on their own which is bound to compromise Breast Actives efficiency.

The Breast Actives program has been designed with these three different breast enhancing options as a way of making it considerably more efficient than other breast enhancing dermaceuticals.

However, right now it’s no longer available.

We don’t know what happened to the company that produced Breast Actives, but you can only purchase the topical cream only (without pills and exercises).

Why only using Breast Actives cream will NOT work?

breast actives cream jar

The Breast actives cream only contains vimtain E, which is the only listed ingredient we found.

The previous formula of the cream was a lot more powerful and contained several high-potency ingredients for making your breast firmer and shapier.

One of such ingredients was pueraria mirifica – natural herbal solution for optimizing female hormones.

Pueraria Mirifica a powerful enzyme with rejuvenating and restoring capacity – it’s one of the most effective solutions you can find now, and it’s not contained in this cream.

It has been used for decades in traditional Thai medicine for its capacity as a menopause and PMS symptom relief active and its encouraging breast tissue growth activity.

Pueraria is in essence is a phytoestrogen, a natural estrogen which when women consume it their estrogen levels improve, allowing a set of processes to begin, including breast augmentation.

While the Breast actives cream is somewhat effective for rejuvenation of your breast tissues, its efficiency is substantially reduced.

Testimonials of women who used solely the Breast Actives cream comment that indeed their results were very slow to appear and they didn’t really feel any change in their breasts size.

A lucky few however, observed a small breast fullness tendency with the cream and focused on how rich and nutrient the cream felt on their bosom.

What Are Alternatives For Breast Actives cream?

Total Curve 2-step system

If you’re looking for real results, one of the top solutions that really work is Total Curve.

It’s a 2-step breast rejuvenation therapy, which includes a firming and lifting gel and a supplement that work together to provide you real results.

Only using cream alone without additional supplement will severely drop the chances to actually improve the size and shape of your breasts.

That’s why I suggest to take a serious look at the Total Curve breast enhancement system – it’s a lot more effective so your money are not wasted.

NaturaFul cream

Another solution that proved it’s effectiveness is NaturaFul breast enhancement cream.

It’s been on the market for many years and still remains one of the top natural solutions for firming and enhancing female breast.

Unlike Breast Actives, NaturaFul cream contains an advanced formula of breast-firming and lifting plants.

While I believe the combination of cream and pills is much more effective (its been proven by real customer feedback), the topical cream like NaturaFul is still much better choice.

There’s a solid base of real customers who found it to be quite effective for enhancing their breasts.

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