7 Most Effective Brain Exercises to Improve Your Memory and Performance

brain exercise for memory and

To be brainy is an interesting thing, and virtually everybody likes it. It is an ultimate desire in most people to calculate great numbers without using the calculator or answer complex global affairs like arts, science, or geography in a matter of seconds.

Growing up, one of the things most people pray for is to have the capacity to be brainy, perform at an optimal level, score high in schools, and be smarter than their peers.

The human brain is a very active organ which contains billions of nerves, which helps the body to perform better.

Train your brain, and you will never regret doing so.

The brain is composed of different areas, and each of these areas helps you to carry out a set of responsibilities such as breathing, sleeping, language, motor functions, memory, vision, balance amongst others.

This is a very important organ that connects all parts of your body, and keeps them working efficiently and proactively as you carry out your daily activities. This is the main reason why you shouldn’t relent in keeping it young and active.

Do you want to improve your memory and performance? Then these 7 brain exercises will help you achieve it.

The Memory Game

Do you still remember the memory game you played while growing up- the one you played when you were a kid?.

The stack of objects with pairs of vegetables, fruits, buses and all manner of cards that were arranged in neat rows, and then you have to match them through the power of your memory? That’s a great brain exercise.

Another great memory game is to pay attention to what is happening in your space- both in your immediate environment and around it plus creating a map from all the things you can remember seeing.

With time, you will become conversant with your environment and remember virtually important places and things in your surroundings.

The Arithmetic Way

cubes with numbers

Although, most people are not comfortable with mathematics, the truth is that it is a great way of exercising your brain or testing your brain power. Some scientists believe that mathematic is the queen of all sciences.

By telling you to engage in arithmetic, we are not just telling you to multiply multiple digit numbers or add big numbers within few seconds.

But we are encouraging you to participate in simple mathematics and challenge yourself with it.

You can start with counting tables, plus doing a series of cubes and squares.

Puzzle Time

rubiks cure in hands

Are you conversant with solving puzzles? If you have not done so, then try it out today. We are confident this is an action you will never regret doing.

Solving puzzle is a wonderful exercise for your brain- it will boost your brain’s performance and function. Studies show that it aids in refining your hand-eye coordination.

Solving puzzles especially jigsaw puzzles is a lot of fun also. If you are too busy that you don’t have time to buy boxes of puzzles, then alternatively you can simply go online and solve jigsaw puzzles at no cost.

Happiness is the key

Happiness is the goal of life; the reason for all our striving. Staying happy is the antidote to self-pity, depression, hatred, grief, fear, anxiety, restlessness etc. When you stay happy, your brain will be performing at an optimal level.

So, the best way to release happy hormones is by meditating, dancing, trekking, biking, cycling, hanging out with peers, friends and family or engaging in anything that will make you truly happy.

Draw a map from memory

After returning from visiting a friend, or an interesting place, kindly make out time to draw a map of that area, and things that made that area quite interesting. You don’t need to be a creative artist to draw the map.

If you lack the skills to draw the map on paper, simply draw them in your head and narrate the experience to your circle of influence.

A picture, they say, worth a thousand words. Always repeat this exercise whenever you are privileged to visit a new location.

This exercise will keep your brain in active mood.

Challenge your taste buds

When eating, always try to identify some awesome ingredients in your meal such as salt, spices, subtle herbs, pepper etc.

Aside from the benefits of eating healthy, nutrient-dense foods, challenging your taste buds is an intelligent act.

Engaging in this brain exercise successfully will surely boost your performance and memory.

Refine your hand-eye abilities

You can take up a new hobby such as assembling a puzzle, painting, drawing, knitting and so on. Studies show that this is one of the innovative ways to refine your hand-eye abilities.


From the seven points discussed above, one can easily see that these brain exercises- the memory game, the arithmetic way, puzzle time, happiness is the key, draw a map from memory, challenge your taste buds, and refine your hand-eye abilities  can truly keep your and enable it to take certain unique actions.

If you try all these points, you will surely boost your memory and performance. PhenterPro can be your aide for a successful exercise. Stay healthy.

Was this article helpful? Have you tried any of these brain exercises? Feel free to share your experiences below!

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