Beware! Depression Leads to Weight Gain

depression leads to gaining weight

If you thought eating unhealthy food, not getting enough sleep and lack of exercise on a daily basis are the only reasons for weight gain, you need more awareness. Depression also leads to weight gain.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, depression leads to a bigger belly or abdominal obesity.

People who feel anxious are more likely to gain extra pounds than those who are happy. There are many other studies that also prove depression and weight gain are linked.

Feeling tense and unsettled is something that should be avoided at all cost because if it continues for years in a row, you’ll most likely become obese. What actually happens is that a blue mood ruins your motivation to do anything.

And when you want to lose weight fast, motivation is the key. Most importantly, it’s the physical activity which requires more motivation.

For example, simple walking can prevent weight gain if you do it every day for at least 30 to 60 minutes.​

Here are a couple of tips that you should follow to fight depression without seeking any help from outside.

  • Set goals that you want to fulfill
  • Make a list of the things you accomplish
  • Laugh more
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • ​Meditate
  • ​Pray to God
  • ​Take more responsibilities
  • Pick up new hobbies

All of these are natural ways of beating depression and allow more happiness to enter into your life. For a healthy and fitter body, you need to create that joy which keeps you motivated and confident.

There are various stages of depression. You need to control that ‘I feel bad’ situation before it becomes worse. Do those things that make you feel better. In today’s hectic and burdened life, it’s quite easy to feel depressed.

So, you should always be ready to battle with it and keep away those negative intrusive thoughts. It is easier for a motivated person to do things or follow a routine which is essential for losing weight.

If you want a healthy life and become fitter, you should immediately take control of your life and stop being depressed.

In case you can’t control depression on your own, it may be time to seek help from your doctor.

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Robert Barnes
Robert Barnes
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