5 Best Exercises for a Slimmer, Healthier YOU

To lose weight, there are two things that you must focus on – diet and exercise. If you consume healthy food and take plenty of exercise on a daily basis, you’ll burn fat fast and become slimmer and healthier.

Ask your friends and they’ll recommend a wide range of exercises for losing weight. You’ll find a lot of tips on the internet as well.

But what are the ideal exercises that will help you lose weight without having any kind of negative effects on your health?

If you choose or do the wrong types of exercises, you’ll either waste your time or injure yourself in different areas of your body.

Given below are five types of exercises that are tried and tested for doing a great job when you want a slimmer, healthier body.

#1. Walking

walking exercise

Walking is one of the best exercises for weight loss. Since walking doesn’t have do anything with an equipment, it’s risk-free. You can be sure that you’ll not injure yourself while walking.

Walking is a great exercise both for your physical and mental well-being. How much you should walk on a daily basis to lose weight actually depends on the weight of your body.

The more you walk, the more calories you’ll burn. Forty-five minutes of walking a day is a good recommend for a normal person who wants to keep fit, wishes for a slimmer body and plans to lose weight fast.

#2. Swimming

swim to drop fat

Swimming is also a low-impact exercise you can do for a healthier, slimmer body. You don’t need to worry about which type of swimming you should do because all types of swimming work well for weight loss.

Swimming is one of those exercises which puts pressure on all the major muscle groups of the body.

#3. Running

running for fat burning

Do you love running? If you do, you should use it as a great exercise to shed weight and build a slimmer body.

There are multiple benefits of running, provided you do it on a daily basis.

Apart from building strong bones, running helps you prevent serious health conditions like heart diseases and strokes. When you run, your heart starts to pump at a healthy rate, which in turn be

nefits you.

All you need for running is a good pair of shoes and you are ready to go. Always remember to warm up your body before you start running to avoid any kind of stress injuries.

#4. Cycling

cycling on the beach

Compared to running, cycling has a lesser impact on joints. It’s truly one of the best exercises for burning lots of calories every day.

How much weight you’ll lose actually depends on three key factors – the weight of your body, the speed at which you are cycling and the terrain you are cycling across.

You can choose to cycle in different places. If you can’t make it for outdoor biking every day, you can also consider spinning.

#5. Playing Tennis

tennis player

If you are looking for a great, whole-body exercise, tennis is the way to go. In fact, it’s one of those exercises which you can enjoy with a partner.

And you don’t have to be a tennis player to play tennis.Anybody who is ready to run after the balls can play tennis and burn extra fat while doing it.

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Robert Barnes
Robert Barnes
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